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Ward Cantrell always went for the long shot. But that recklessness cost him his college scholarship and his chance to play pro ball, and—worst of all—it ended his relationship with the girl next door. Neither the town nor the girl has ever forgiven him. Now he's taking one last long shot by opening a boutique distillery on the family farm he inherited.

Piper Morrissey spent high school in Ward's shadow, but she's come into her own in the years since. Maintaining her spotless image, and that of her family's winery, is priority number one. Nobody knows that she still yearns for her golden-boy ex. Or at least they didn't—until Ward agrees to sell Piper the land she needs to start her precious port line. The caveat? She'll need to date him for one month.

Ward hopes a month is all it'll take to convince his former sweetheart that while he's changed, his love for her hasn't. But when the chance arises to thumb his nose at the town that turned its back on him, he can't afford not to reject Piper's offer. Will that make her reject him and his love—for good?

Release Date: July 13, 2015
Carina Press
Shore Secrets #3
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza’s Review:

I'm a huge fan of Christi Barth and especially love her Shore Secrets series. I was super excited we finally got Ward and Piper's story and have to say it is my favorite book in the series.

I've wanted Ward and Piper back together pretty much from the moment we met them in the first Shore Secrets book, but knew they both needed time to make it work. I love that even though their relationship ended years ago, they have remained friends all these years. I especially love that Ward's 3 best friends are all women and they always have each other's back.

I absolutely loved how hard Ward was willing to work to win Piper back. Making a deal for them to date for 30 days so she could lease a section of his land to fulfill her dream, was a stoke of genius in my opinion. Ward has never stopped loving Piper all these years, and this will allow him another chance to win Piper over. Of course, Ward has no idea that Piper has never stopped loving him and is just as happy to spend time with him. I love a reunion story and especially loved watching Ward and Piper reconnect as a couple. It cracked me up that Ward wanted to move slowly this time while Piper was the one who wanted to take their relationship to the next level. I really loved the chemistry between Ward and Piper and loved them as a couple. My absolutely favorite part of the book was their date to the sing-along of The Sound of Music and Ward knowing so much about the show. Honestly he won my heart completely at that point.

Of course everything wasn't easy for Ward and Piper this time anymore so that it was when they were in high school. I have to say I absolutely hated the way Piper's parents treated her. As someone who grew up in a home where I never questioned how much my parents loved me, it broke my heart to see how Piper's parents belittled her and showed her no love. Piper has been running her family's winery business very successfully and yet her father and mother show no support for anything she has done. Honestly the only part of the book I didn't enjoy was the time Piper spent with her parents. I also wished Ward had talked to Piper about everything that was going on with his property and his business. I felt that they needed to be able to share everything going on in their lives for their relationship to truly have a chance this time. 

Back to Us was a wonder addition to the Shore Secrets series. I generally don't read books in a series out of order, and really think with this series, you understand the dynamics between all the characters better if you read the books in order. I loved getting to revisit the group of friends in each of the books in the series. Back to Us is the perfect blend of sweet, funny, and sexy romance.

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