Monday, May 11, 2015

A Lover's Vow (The Grangers #3)

She's all he's ever wanted. He's everything she'll ever need.

Business mogul Dalton Granger is as passionate as he is gorgeous, but private investigator Jules Bradshaw won't give him the time of day. She knows all about the youngest Granger brother—a charming bad boy whose only interest is playing the field.

But Dalton is more complicated than that, and he's determined to show Jules that behind all the bravado is the honest heart of a devoted son, brother…and a man whose own life is in peril.

Jules is the only person who can protect Dalton, and they embark on a mission to save his family and his legacy. But when their late nights in the office turn into early mornings in the bedroom, Jules and Dalton soon realize they have more at stake than they ever imagined.

Release Date April 28, 2015
The Grangers Book 3
Harlequin Mira

I was lucky enough to get a review copy of A Lover's Vow thanks to the publisher through NetGalley. I've read Brenda Jackson's books for years and always find such a great story in each of her books. I will admit I somehow missed the first 2 books in the series, so I read A Lover's Vow without knowing all the history that had been established in the other books. That being said, it was easy to catch up and follow what had gone on in the previous books.

I loved both Dalton and Jules from the moment I met them in A Lover's Vow. They are both such strong and sexy characters and I just knew all their animosity was going to make their relationship explosive. A Lover's Vow is one of the sexiest books I've read from Brenda Jackson and I really did want to re-read it as soon as I finished reading it the first time. 

I really loved getting to see the three Granger brothers working together to find out who had killed their mother and to get their father out of prison, since they believe he was wrongly convicted. I loved Jace and Caden, but have to say that Dalton was my favorite of the brothers. I loved that because Jace is married to Jules' sister Shana, Dalton and Jules keep being thrown together in family gatherings. Brenda Jackson writes such amazing family oriented books, and I loved how close and protective the Granger brothers are to one another.

I loved watching Dalton and Jules fall for one another. I was implied they had been attracted to one another from their very first meeting and their chemistry was so strong, I really thought my kindle screen would steam up the first time they finally made love. I felt like both Jules and Dalton had strong protective instincts, and how quickly they became protective of one another.

The mystery of who killed Sylvia Granger is finally revealed in A Lover's Vow. Since I hadn't read the first 2 books in the series, I went in blind with my guess of the actual killer. I was pretty surprised how it all played out, and feel like I probably would have guessed wrong even if I had read all the books in the series in order first. I love when an author keeps me guessing with a mystery and have to say Brenda Jackson did an incredible job in the Grangers books.

I usually read books in a series in order if at all possible. While I didn't do that with The Grangers series from Brenda Jackson, I felt like the story was easy to catch up on and still follow the mystery. I felt like the romance between Dalton and Jules was the main focus of the story and have to say it was one of Brenda Jackson's best romances I've had the pleasure of reading.

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