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The King JR Ward Signing Recap

J.R. Ward Q&A Session for The King
Cincinnati, OH Millennium Hotel

*******If you have not read The King, you will read spoilers in this post*******
*******You have been warned!!!**************

All spelling mistakes are my own...never sure where to put all those extra "h" in the names. LOL

The next book in the BDB series is called The Shadows. It will be both Trez and iAm’s stories.

Murdher is coming back in The Shadows!!!

Selena has a disease of the Chosen. Ward didn’t really elaborate much on the disease.

Asked about Rhage & Mary’s baby and she can’t say anything about the GD kid, but could be coming soon.

Scribe Virgin (SV) Something major has to happen for the SV to reengage with this world.

She knows who the next 3 books are about, but wouldn’t give any hints, as she knew we would figure it out.

Will we get another Insider’s Guide? Wants to do another one, but her focus for now is on the next 3 books.

Xcor & Layla will be together, but not sure how soon.

Was asked about John Matthew remembering his life as Darius. Ward says he still won’t remember his life as Darius. However his brain will continue to misfire at times.

The Sympaths will be trouble in the future.

The timelines get wonky sometimes when she is writing the books. We moved 6 months forward in Wrath’s book

JM will be a brother.

Once again asked about lying about V. She still won’t say what she lied about, but apologized for lying and ever mentioning the lie.

Someone asked if we might ever get prequels about Darius and some of the other brothers. Ward loved the idea and would enjoy telling what came before. Not sure when or if she will have time to write them.

Is Boo bonded to iAm? Absolutely!!! Boo not exactly a cat

The Fallen Angel series will end with Immortal. Some of the FA characters will transition to the BDB stories.

Lassiter will remain in the BDB world.

The baby stuff was extremely tough for Ward to write. In fact, she cried a bit when she talked about Beth’s delivery.

We will see Aghony (Phury and Cormia’s son) at some point.

Ward really isn’t as interested in writing women characters. She liked dudes. J

Would like to have another chance with Phury, Cormia and Aghony to give readers another chance to see them.

Tohr and Xcor are brothers (she had let that slip at Qhuay’s signing last year and didn’t remember telling us).

Asked if we would see Michael from the short story again and she said it was possible, but not anytime soon.

iAm will not end up with Abe’s daughter. She will end up being “adopted” as a little sister to the members of the brotherhood.

Saxton will get his HEA, but not with iAM. iAM likes women and we haven’t met her yet.

Lash will be coming back (BOO) and with a girlfriend…Devina from FA series

Wants to write and post more Slices of Life

Do you have dreams of the stories? More like watching scenes on Tivo and being able to fast forward and rewind as needed.

Asked if we will see more of the foreman and his family? She said she wasn’t sure, but loved the interaction between Wrath and the foreman and other non-glymera families.

Tohr got his HEA with Autumn.

Lucas – Qhuinn’s brother will be seen again. He has a long road to come back, but will get better. Asked if anything is hidden in him, and she wouldn’t answer.

If Wrath hadn’t done away with the monarchy, Butch would be the next in line as king based on their bloodline.

Asked if Blay and Qhuinn have any terms of endearment for one another and Ward said “bend over and I’ll drive”. The entire room went wild!

Why was V notified about Payne fighting Wrath and not Manny? It was a brother to brother connection. Human world doesn’t get the significance of everything.

Where are the Chosen? They are going back and forth between the great camp and the Sanctuary. Asked why they go between and she joked they don’t have cable at the Sanctuary.

Important things about the future will be figuring out the future of the training program and the Chosen finding purchase.

Assail – She freaking loves him!!!! Says he is one hot MF!!! He is a vampire. (If you don't like him, you better get used to him being in the world. She LOVES him so much)

Some of the authors she loves to read when she gets time to read….which isn’t very often.

Darynda Jones
Laura Kaye
Suzanne Brockman
Karen Marie Moning
Christine Feehan
Charlaine Harris

Xcor and Throe are changing in ways she didn’t see. Xcor is becoming a better man because of Layla. Throe might not be a good guy. She makes her very uncomfortable.

Asked about the Bloodletter  and his bloodline. Doesn’t talk about it much as his bloodline is filled with a bunch of assholes.

Once the Fallen Angel books are done, Ward will still continue to write only 1 BDB book per year. It is exhausting to write the books and she is afraid if she went back to writing 2 per year she will burn through the books and not tell the stories right.

There will be another series, but Ward wouldn’t give any indication as to what or who the series would be about.

Qhuinn & Blay could get each other’s names on their backs like other mated males. Ward says she isn’t sure if or when it will happen.

John Matthew’s induction into the Brotherhood will happen even though Wrath is blind and JM is mute.

Wrath has a scar from being shot.

Lucas will end up with someone but not sure it will be Abe’s daughter. Abe’s daughter will be mated, but she is not sure who her mate is.

We have not met iAm’s mate yet.

Payne might have to go back to keep charged otherwise could stop being able to heal others.

Will Xhex have issues when Murhder returns? No because JM would skin Murhder alive if he touched Xhex.

Autumn is not Throe’s sister. Throe’s sister is lynchpin of two of the favorite characters in the series.

We will see more of Rehv and Ehlena in the future.

Wrath is 6’6”. She said she was a little dyslexic when she put 6’9” in the book.

BDB Movie – Not a priority at all for her. She is more concerned about writing quality books and doesn’t want to worry about writing a screenplay.

Are we going to hear from the glymeria again? Yes

Wrath talked to Tohr about losing his young. She said she could see everything about it, but it was too hard to write.

Xcor leaving lesser body in parts for the humans to find will be important. Also the fact that he has flashed is fangs to humans. Seems like Jose and Butch might get some closure. Humans haven’t figured out that vamps are real. Xcor revealed single most important thing in Lover Reborn.

Butch as Manny’s brother – Manny will never be made into a vampire. Payne and Manny made the decision and Payne can keep Manny perma-preserved not matter what her powers are doing.

Vampires can not convert humans in the BDB world.

Will we ever find out who Manny’s father is? Ward isn’t sure. She isn’t sure if Manny’s father is the same man as Butch’s father or someone within the line. Another reason Manny won’t be made into a vampire.

Lassiter will fall in love.

Graphic Novels of the BDB – publisher owns the rights so it is up to them.

Since Jane is a ghost, how do she and V get it on? He rolls her in flour to f*ck her. Seriously, Ward was pretty much doubled over laughing as she said this.

Ward won’t tell us what is in the lockbox.

Wrath’s eyes – not sure if due to his mother being poisoned or if it was from inbreeding of the race to keep it pure.

SV & Omega’s father is the creator from the FA series.

The BDB compound has always been in a bit of a protective bubble. However, Xcor was able to get to it , so means it is possible for a raid on the mansion.

Asked if she created the Sympath’s barb and she said it just happens when they have sex she had nothing to do with it.

Wrath was able to see his mother in a dream, since he saw her could he possibly see LW at some point? Probably not.

Wrath’s mom came to him as payback for him coming to save her life.

Lassiter like women. He will get his own book, but he isn’t ready for it yet.

Assail selling drugs to the lessers puts him in a very bad position.

Ward would like to do more BDB interviews. Thinks they would be fun.

Xcor could get his hairlip fixed, but not a priority for him. How he looks is part of who he is.

The entire transcript of the Q&A is also on the JR Ward Facebook page.

She loves Assail’s twin cousins and says we will find out more about them. Twins will have love interest, but not the same woman.

Assail and Sola will be reunited at some point.

The BDB series is open ended. She will keep writing them for as long as the readers want to keep reading them.

She wants to come back to Cincinnati for the next BDB signing and hopes it is back at the hotel again. Loves having it where people can stay.

Scene about the lie about V is the only scene too much to write.

Rehv and Shadows relationship will come out soon.

Lassiter does not save Eddie.


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