Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Prince

The Prince is book three in the Original Sinners series from author Tiffany Reisz. The publisher is Harlequin MIRA. From the back cover.~

Two worlds of wealth and passion call to Nora Sutherlin and, whichever one she chooses, it will be the hardest decision she will ever have to make. Unless someone makes it for her…

Wes Railey is the object of Nora's tamest yet most maddening fantasies, and the one man she can't forget. He's young. He's wonderful. He's also thoroughbred royalty and, reuniting with him in Kentucky, she's in his world now. But this infamous New York dominatrix is no simpering Southern belle, and Nora's dream of fitting into Wesley's world is perpetually at odds with the relentlessly seductive pull of Søren—her owner, her lover, the forever she cannot have. At least, not completely.

Meanwhile Nora's associate Kingsley Edge is only too happy to take her place at Søren's feet during her hiatus. Søren is the only man Kingsley has ever loved, and their dark, shared history has forged a bond that neither the years—nor Søren's love for Nora—can break. But a new threat from an old adversary is forcing Kingsley to confront the past, reminding him that he must keep his friends close, and his enemies closer.

I was lucky enough not only to be approved for a review copy from NetGalley, but also be gifted a copy from the author. I’m a huge fan of Tiffany Reisz and was super excited to get a chance to read The Prince early. While I finished reading The Prince weeks ago, I needed to get all my thoughts together to write up my review. I love reading Tiffany Reisz’s book so much. However, there is so much information in each book, they are almost impossible to talk about with those who haven’t read them without giving away major information.

I really enjoyed the time spent with Nora and Wesley. I really have wanted them to explore their attraction to one another since I first read The Siren. I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority of liking the love between Nora and Wesley, but I really just love their relationship. That being said, I also love Nora with Søren and want them together forever. I have to say I loved the North/South format that was set up. We got to see Nora with Wesley in the present while in the South and Kingsley and Søren in both the past and the present while in the North. While I enjoyed the sweet love scenes between Nora and Wesley, OMG did I love seeing Kingsley and Søren together!!! I really did think my kindle might melt from them being together. I have to say if I hadn’t already fallen for Søren in The Angel, I would have loved him after reading The Prince.

The mystery as to who has been breaking into Kingsley’s townhouse, vandalizing and stealing things was revealed in The Prince. While it was a little bit of a surprise to me, the person was in the back of my mind for much of the book, so it didn’t totally come out of left field. I loved the romance of this book. There are many relationships within this series and I love getting to spend time with each of the characters and seeing them change and become more real with each book. Tiffany Reisz has become one of my favorite authors this year.

The official release date for The Prince was November 20, 2012 and can be found at your favorite bookstore or online retailer. For more information about the Original Sinners series or the author, check out her website.

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