Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Fated is the latest novella release in the Serendipity series from NYT bestselling author Carly Phillips. The publisher is Berkley. From the author’s website.~
Dear Readers:

Whether you've read a previous book in
the Serendipity series or not, FATED is for you! 

Kate and Nick danced
around each other in SERENDIPITY but in FATED Nick is finished with
niceties. He's getting his girl, no matter what it takes! No worries
about book order. Just dive in and enjoy this steamy story meant to warm
you right up as well as show you just how far a man will go to win the
woman of his dreams!

Happy Reading!
Carly Phillips

I’ve been asking for Kate and Nick’s story since I met them in Serendipity. I have to say Carly Phillips totally delivers a fun and sexy story with Fated. I was lucky enough to get an early copy through NetGalley thanks to the publisher.

 Kate has been burned in the past by a boyfriend, so she isn’t ready to trust Nick when he repeatedly ask her out. Especially since he had showed signs of having feelings for his high school girlfriend, Faith, who also happens to be Kate’s best friend, when Faith first moved home to Serendipity. Nick quickly realizes the woman for him has been under his nose the entire time and will do anything to convince her of his feelings. The chemistry between Nick and Kate has been there all along. I loved how Nick pulled out all the stops to show Kate how great they could be together. I loved both the passion and the sweetness between Nick and Kate.

Fated fits into the timeline after Serendipity (book 1), but before Destiny (book 2). While reading Serendipity first is a good idea because it is one of my favorite books ever, I think Fated is a fabulous love story that stands alone just fine. The official release date for Fated is December 4, 2012 and can be purchased from your favorite ebook retailer. For more information about the Serendipity series or other books from Carly Phillips, check out her website.

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