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Bailey Jones doesn't know jack about babies, but she knows how much it sucks to have a deadbeat father. So when her sister drops off her newborn baby and then disappears, Bailey is ready and willing to confront anyone, including a six-foot-two, sexier-than-sin Navy SEAL sniper, and make him do his duty.

Alexei "Camel" Kamarov is not the sort of man to carelessly father a kid, but as the oldest of six, he does know a thing or two about babies. The firebrand on his doorstep might have mistakenly tagged him as the baby daddy, but Bailey is cute, and Alexei is more than willing to give her a hands-on class in Baby 101.

When a ruthless criminal comes looking for the missing sister--putting Bailey and the baby in danger--the situation escalates. Bringing them under his roof and enlisting his HOT teammates to help find Bailey's sister are easy. But as Alexei and Bailey draw closer, passions erupt and feelings tangle.

That's nothing compared to the danger lurking in the shadows--and the test that awaits them both. Bailey will need to give everything she's got to redeem Alexei's faith in love. And he'll have to move heaven and earth to save her--before someone takes her away from him for good...

Release Date: May 15, 2018
H.O.T. Publishing, LLC
HOT SEAL Team #5
Contemporary Romance
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Liza's Review:

HOT SEAL Redemptionis another winner from Lynn Raye Harris. I have to say I've come to love the HOT SEAL Team books every bit as much as the original HOT Team books. With HOT SEAL Redemption, we get Alexei "Camel" Kamarov's book.

I will say right now I fell head over heels for Alexei as soon as he took in Bailey and her niece Ana. Seriously, there really is nothing sexier than a big strong man knowing how to take care of a little baby. All the sighs so many times as I read this book. I also had to chuckle at the fact that Bailey didn't even have a clue how to change a diaper without watching a YouTube video first. I love killing the stereotype that just because Bailey is a woman she would know all about babies. 

I felt the connection between Alexei and Bailey pretty much from the moment they met as she was accusing him of being her sister's "baby daddy". I loved he was so protective of Bailey and Ana from the moment they met and he made sure they stayed under his protection while trying to find Bailey's sister Kayla. Alexei is totally an Alpha Male, so his protective instincts are on high alert when he feels like he is protecting his own, and I loved how he pretty much lost his mind when Bailey was working making sure no one touched her inappropriately. Seriously he was so sexy, yet I loved that Bailey had no problem making sure he knew she was capable of doing her job and taking care of herself.

I can't say enough how smoking hot the chemistry was between Alexei and Bailey. OMG when they finally made love for the first time, my kindle screen fogged up and I had to fan myself. So freaking sexy!!! Even when they both were saying they were only in it temporarily, I could totally tell they both had already started falling for each other. I absolutely loved them as a couple!

The threat to Kayla, Ana, and even Bailey had me on the edge. I honestly don't usually read many MC books because of the violence in them, yet the military romances have never bothered me, even though they can sometimes have some of the same elements of violence. I hated Kayla's ex from the moment he appeared on the page, and worried more for Bailey really than Kayla, as Kayla was so well hidden for the longest time. I have to say the scenes with James Dunn and the MC that involved Bailey were really rough for me to read. They were extremely well done, and very true to life, but still super rough. I loved it when Alexei and his crew once again showed up to take care of business with the assistance of none other than Ian Black. I have to say I'm really hoping we are going to get his book sooner rather than later.

HOT SEAL Redemptionwas one of those books I couldn't read fast enough, even as I didn't want the story to end. With each new book in the entire Hostile Operations Team series, I fall more in love with all the characters. I truly believe each of these books can be read as a stand-alone story. However, to really understand the workings of all the team members, I highly recommend reading each book in the series in order. 

Rating: 5 Stars (A-)

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