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Breathe-SBPRBANNER-BTBreathe, an all-new second chance romance from Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips is LIVE!


Fall in love with the Wards…

From troubled teen to successful general contractor, Jake Nichols turned his life around from his time in foster care. Divorced and single, he juggles his time between his daughter and his work. Next on his agenda, a new project that is his chance to prove his worth at the job he loves. Except he never anticipates that the only girl he's ever loved and lost as a teen is now a grown and beautiful woman in charge of the project.

Phoebe Ward has survived and conquered a painful past that includes foster care and becoming a teenaged mom. She wants nothing more than to focus on the present but it’s hard when she looks into the eyes of her son, knowing she’s tried and failed to find his father. She’s resigned herself to raising him alone with the help of her family… Until a client meeting brings her face to face with her first love. A boy… now a sexy man she thought she’d never see again … and the father of her child.

So many years have gone by and both of their lives have changed drastically. Will they be able to put the past behind them and find the second chance they both deserve?

A Standalone Novel


“Are you my guardian?” she quipped, trying to keep things light as she tipped her head slightly, studying his tight, serious expression.

“I want to be.” His voice was serious as hell. His tone rubbed her in the most intimate way, her body swaying toward him.

“Jake.” He reached out a hand to cup her face, his calloused fingertips rough against her skin. So intense were his features, so erotic was his touch, his protectiveness cloaking her in heat. Her nipples even puckered into tight points of need.

“If I had my way, nobody would be able to take advantage of you, because they’d have to go through me in order to get to you.” Her face warmed at his words.

“That’s sweet of you to say.”

“I’m not feeling very sweet. In fact, I’m feeling pretty damned protective.” He was, and she liked it. A lot. His fingers skimmed her cheek as he spoke.

“I was lucky enough to find you again. I want a chance to see what could be between us,” he said, taking her off guard. But God, she wanted that, too.

Despite her brain telling her they needed to tread carefully, that they had a little boy to protect, her traitorous heart still wanted more. His blue gaze bored into hers, causing her heart to pound hard in her chest.

“I know things are complicated right now, but how many people get second chances?”

“Not many,” she agreed, knowing how lucky they were.

“So wouldn’t we be foolish to waste the opportunity?”


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Meet Carly Phillips

CarlyPhillipsCarly Phillips is the N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of over 50 sexy contemporary romance novels, including the Indie published, Dare to Love Series. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, the mother of two nearly adult daughters and three crazy dogs. Carly loves social media and is always around to interact with her readers.

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Liza's Review:

I loved Fearlessso much, I really wasn’t sure I could love Breathejust as much, but boy was I wrong! I think the Rosewood Bay series has become my new favorite series from Carly Phillips.

Phoebe Ward was only a small part of Fearlessand I thought I had her figure out by her actions then. Phoebe is so very different from her sister Halley, yet I found myself loving her character every bit as much as Halley. She has to be pretty strong to have survived foster care and being a teenage mother. Yes her Aunt Joy and Halley have been there to help once they left foster care, but the one person Phoebe always wanted with her was Jake Nichols, her son Jamie’s father. 

Phoebe and Jake still had an attraction to one another from the moment they saw each other again. OMG I absolutely loved them as a couple. I loved that Jake was ready to start over with Phoebe as soon as they met and was very upfront about what had happened in his life since they last saw one another. I have to say I didn't necessarily agree when Phoebe waited to tell Jake about Jamie, but loved that Jake accepted it and the delay with understanding even though he was angry at the delay. I loved seeing Jake and Jamie meet and connect so quickly and seeing Jake and Phoebe reconnect gave me all the feels.  They had the most amazing chemistry and I absolutely loved them as a couple. 

I have to say I was pretty surprised by Phoebe pulling back the way she did. I could tell she loved Jake every bit as much as he loved her. I have to say Phoebe seemed like such a strong and confident person, so I was really surprised that Phoebe had some of the same abandonment issues as Halley. It made perfect sense after I thought about it, but still came as a surprise to me. I loved it took a confrontation with Jake's ex-wife Lindsey to make Phoebe see what was right in front of her and in her heart.

Breathewas such a beautiful and emotional romance. I have loved all of the characters we have met so far in the Rosewood Bay series and can't wait to meet Phoebe's and Halley's little sister Juliette in the next book, Freed

Rating: 5 Stars (A)

Nikki’s Review:

Just when I think I couldn't adore Carly's writing anymore than I already do, she totally brings me to knees with a new book! 

Jake and Phoebe both spent time in the foster system. They both have their stories and respective baggage. The one good thing that came out of their experiences was their love for each other and the son they created. They were practically babies themselves when Phoebe got pregnant, and their involuntary separation tore them both to shreds. Jake never knew about his son (not because it was purposely kept from him), but Phoebe would always have a piece of her love for Jake with her. 

Jesus, I love these two characters! Phoebe is amazing. She's strong and smart; She loves her son with her entire being. Jake is all kinds of awesome. He's turned his life around, and he's a great father to his daughter from his first marriage. When these two are reunited after more than a decade apart the sparks fly uncontrollably. Their chemistry hasn't diminished with their time apart. 

When Jake finds out about his son he immediately wants to be apart of his life. He's angry that he missed out on so much, but not with Phoebe. She did try to find him, after all. He's angry at how things worked out and he's sad that he wasn't there for his son and Phoebe. 

I adore the way these two just stepped into co-parenting. There were a few bumps along the way, but the goal was the same...raising their son together. And maybe some hot monkey sex when the sun goes down! 

Carly had these characters burning up the pages often, and it was delicious! 

This new series is quickly becoming a favourite. The plots are deep and have the angst that I love in a romance novel. The writing is brilliant and keeps me turning the pages. I was invested in Phoebe and Jake's relationship. I truly felt the emotions like they were my own. Like every book I've read by this author, I always walk away with a smile on my face and a sense of complete satisfaction. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, Fearless, but I this one just hit me in the feels! I can hardly wait until the next book is out!! 

Rating: 4 Stars (A)

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