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Reed Scott is the hottest actor in LA…

Being a Hollywood heartthrob has its perks, and I’ve damn sure enjoyed every one of them, both on and off the silver screen. The tabloids loved every second of exploiting my privacy, chronicling my mistakes in ink for the whole world to see. Accepting the lead role in a romantic dance film was guaranteed to make me a box office hit and help me rewrite my image, until the choreographer hired to train me turned out to be the only woman I’d ever loved and lost.

As beautiful and enticing as ever, Teagan walks in and reminds me of the worst mistake I’ve ever made. She should hate me, and now she has the power to destroy everything I am.

Teagan Reynolds is picking up the pieces…

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…never going to happen. I fell in love with Reed Scott once and it nearly killed me—literally. The last thing I want to do now is teach him how to dance, but I need this job and there’s no way I’m letting him take yet another thing away from me.

Reed is in my world now, and this time we’re dancing by my rules.

Release Date: May 8, 2018
Everafter Romance
Exposed #2
Contemporary Romance
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Liza's review:

Bareis the first book I've read by Sarah Robinson, but definitely won't be the last. I absolutely adored her voice and her characters in Bare.

Reed Scott and Teagan Reynolds had some pretty amazing chemistry from the moment they saw each other again. I honestly have to give Teagan so much credit for not punching Reed in the face the first time she saw him again years after he literally left her at the alter on the day of their wedding.  Teagan was so very professional as she started working with Reed on the set to make sure his part in the movie was a success. Yes they were both still insanely attracted to one another, and just them dancing together was really like foreplay. I loved that Reed realized as soon as he saw Teagan again how huge a mistake he had made all those years ago. Yes he did it so she didn't have to give up a major roll in theater, but he did so without talking to Teagan first.

While Reed's road to stardom started right after they wedding debacle, Teagan was in a wreck that took her years to recover from and truly could have ending her career in dance forever. Again, Teagan really surprised me by not blaming Reed for the accident even though I honestly felt like he was partly to blame. She busted her ass to first relearn how to walk and then dance. Teagan's spirit was one of my favorite things about her. I totally could understand why Reed still loved her all these years later.

I had mentioned how strong Reed and Teagan's chemistry was and when they finally made love again, I swear my kindle screen fogged up a few times. I honestly found myself falling in love with them as a couple right along with them falling in love again. I knew something would come up to be a stumbling block to their happiness and wasn't surprised when Reed messed up once again. He might be a great actor and strong person overall, but he really seemed to be a bit too self absorbed at times. Honestly that was really my only problem with the main characters in the story. I wanted Reed to have grown up and started acting like an adult at all times and yet he fell back into old habits rather than talking about what had happened.

Barewas a really fast read for me. I was so connected to the characters; I pretty much read any moment I had free time. I love when a group of characters pull me in and make me want more. As Bareis the second book in the Exposed series, I already plan to go back and read the first book before the final book is released. I honestly think romance readers who enjoy sexy emotional reads should totally give Barea try.

Rating: 4 Stars (B)


Amazon: https://amzn.to/2pUt8Mj

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