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She needs a Dom with heart. He sees the lifestyle as heartless.

Can a brave submissive show a rock star that accepting his true nature will be nirvana for both of them? Letting go with her may help him put the pieces of himself—and his band—back together again.

Struggling with the death of her mother, Sage Lyndsey turned to her Dom for comfort, but his impatience led to a humiliating scene in front of their club. Devastated, she runs to a small town on the Cali coast. Buying into Citrus Pointe’s bakery may be her best decision ever—if she can overcome the embarrassment of having her new landlord’s dog steal her towel right in front of him. It gets worse when she realizes he’s none other than rock bassist Hank Nash, and despite the problems it would cause, she wants nothing more than his talented hands on her, bending her to his will.

Hank is an ex-cop who knows all too well what dominance looks like when it turns to abuse—he saw the consequences on another cop’s wife. After turning the man in, Hank left that life behind to start a rock band, Weekend Washout. Now he’s fighting to keep the band together, and to deny his urge to dominate pretty, spunky Sage. But when Sage’s ex-Dom reappears, Hank is forced into a life-changing decision: Accept both their needs and gain more than one night with Sage, or retreat to the safe life he’s built so carefully?

Release Date: May 31, 2016
Only For the Night
If Only series book #2
Contemporary BDSM
Review Copy provided by the publisher 

Nikki's Review:

I have a handful or so of authors that write books that I consider comfort reads. I can typically rely on these books to bring me joy when I'm in a reading slump. They bring joy all the time actually. Ella Sheridan is one of those authors. She writes those books that bring me joy and are my comfort reads. Her books have all the ingredients that I love in romance novels. There's always a great plot, extremely likeable characters, witty banter, and seductively wicked love scenes! Perfect recipe!

I love the concept of a newbie Dom. Most books that are BDSM themed or have elements of BDSM, have experienced Dom's; they've been in the lifestyle for a number of years and are confident in there choices and abilities. Hank is anything but confident. Don't get me wrong, he's all alpha, hot, and sexy rock god! But he's always craved things that he suppresses. He thinks it's wrong to want this kind of relationship. 

Sage is wrecked. Her last Dom destroyed her trust and her faith in ever wanting to live the lifestyle again. Trying to put her life back together in a new town isn't easy, but she's making a go of it. Her world is thrown off its axis when she meets, Hank. He makes her want to submit to a man again. Watching these two find their footing was incredible. It was refreshing to have a hero and heroine who had to learn to be something more. I loved that neither had any idea how to navigate the path that would lead to their happiness. Sage thinks she can suppress her need to submit, and Hank struggles to trust himself enough to dominate her. It was realistic in that they had to work together, open up and really talk about their feelings. Ms. Sheridan made these two really rip open old scabs and dig deep to find their happiness. She put them through the damn grinder! It was fantastic! I think anyone in a relationship can relate, maybe not to the BDSM stuff, but they could probably relate to treading murky waters with the person they love.

I really enjoyed the easy friendship that Hank and Sage formed. I think it was a solid foundation that they were ultimately able to build on. Everything unfolded so naturally. Nothing seemed forced. When these two took the leap and became lovers it was cataclysmic! All that budding sexual tension just exploded off of the page. From the first intimate encounter I could sense a real connection between them and a whole lot of respect for each other.

Hank doesn't have all the answers and he's not all that sure he can provide, Sage with everything she needs in a Dom. I think it was great that he humbled himself and turned to a friend, checked his reservations at the door, and asked for help. And this is where the realism comes into play again. In real life we sometimes have to ask for help, and sometimes it's hard, but you're a better person for it. And that's how it was for Hank. 

Sage is stronger than she thinks she is! She's on this journey of self-discovery. She digs deep and finds the beauty in her submission. I loved watching this hollowed out woman find her voice and the ability to be comfortable with her choices again. 

There are so many reasons why this book worked for me. There are so many reasons why I loved it. But what makes me love it the most is that the hero and heroine are two perfectly imperfect human beings fumbling through this thing called love. It could be any one of us. 

Ms. Sheridan writes characters that you can relate to and fall for so easily. Do yourself a favour and give this series a try. Who knows, maybe you'll find another comfort author to add to your list!

Rating: 5 Stars (A+)

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