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One night in the sheets is all she wants…

Christina Girard is a lady. But she’s a lady whose world is about to implode. She’s done everything right, but she can’t escape the taint of scandal when her husband cheats on her with another man. She’s broken, her spirit battered, her confidence at an all-time low.

Then she meets Navy SEAL Remy Marchand, and parts of her she’d thought dead flare to life. Except Remy is part of the Hostile Operations Team, the Black Ops group her brother works for, and that means NO in flashing neon letters. Yet Christina’s tired of always doing what’s expected. Just once, she wants to saddle up and ride a tattooed, dirty-mouthed bad boy before she kicks him to the curb and goes on with her life.

One night is not enough to put out the fire…

Remy Marchand burns with guilt and regret that he couldn’t save his twin sister from her abuser. He lives his life slaying dragons for the innocent and vulnerable. He thought Christina needed his strength and protection too, but he was wrong. After a single night of pleasure, she disappears from his life.

But then his SEALs get tasked with a mission: infiltrate war-torn Qu’rim and get Christina out before the enemy finds her. With bombs exploding, blood spilling, and survival not certain, Remy protects Christina from harm while vowing not to succumb again to her sweet temptation.

One night is only the beginning…

But life in a war zone is intense, and vows mean nothing in the face of danger. Giving in is inevitable. Staying alive is not—especially when the greatest menace still waits for the perfect moment to strike…

Release Date: June 14, 2016
H.O.T. Publishing, LLC
Contemporary romance
Review copy provided by publisher

I adore both the HOT series and now the HOT Seal series from Lynn Raye Harris. I love the two teams work together so often that I get to see all my favorite characters from past books in the new books. I was absolutely captivated from the very first page of HOT SEAL LOVER and didn't want to put it down.

First let me just say I have mad love for Remy Marchand. Hello, he is a SEAL, but he also has a sense of honor that is deeply ingrained in him that goes beyond the uniform. I loved that even though he was insanely attracted to Christina from the very first moment he saw her, he wanted to take things a little slower to make sure she was ready for that next step. Let me just say Remy and Christina had smoking hot chemistry. I loved Remy and Christina together. I totally got Christina being so cautious about another relationship based upon her ex-husband cheating on her with another man. I could tell Christina was completely into Remy, but her desire to only have a one-night stand with Remy really didn't make sense to me. He is hot, yummy, and an honorable man, who was completely into her.

When Remy and his team were called in to rescue Christina and other Americans from Qu'rim, I knew it wouldn't take long for the sparks to fly between Christina and Remy again. I have to say after how Christina blew Remy off, I was pretty happy for him to show some anger towards her, not only for blowing him off, but for no listening when he had warned her it was a bad idea to come to Qu'rim. I have to say i love how hard the HOT SEAL team worked to keep everyone safe and loved watching all of Remy's team give him a hard time about Christina. The action in Qu'rim between the HOT SEALs and the enemy is what I've come to expect from Lynn Raye Harris. Fast-paced, action filled with the team protecting the civilians and always putting their charges above themselves. I am always on the edge of my seat reading when the team is on a mission, and it was no different this time.

I loved that Remy and Christina found a common ground for their relationship while in a war zone.  The fact that Remy and Christina's brother are in the same line of work was eye opening for Christina and I think it made her respect and love both men more. I only had one issue with the story and that was Christina's ex coming back into the picture once she and Remy were dating. I knew it could be bad early on, and my fears were realized. The fact that Christina wanted to protect Remy every bit as much as he wanted to protect her made me love her character even more.

HOT SEAL LOVER was a great addition to the HOT Seal Team series. I find myself falling more and more in love with these characters with each story. I love that each book allows me to spend time with characters from past books and try and figure out who will get the next book in the series. 

4.5 Stars (B+)

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