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They're single, they're rich, and now these billionaire bachelors are heading to Sanctuary Island, where love awaits.

Leo, Zane, and Cooper made a pact to stay bachelors and enjoy the single life forever, and when they receive an invitation to their friend Miles' wedding, they head down to Sanctuary Island determined to talk some sense into the errant groom before he makes a life-changing mistake. But Miles knows his own mind, and he makes a vow of his own: before he walks down the aisle, he'll have Leo, Zane, and Cooper changing their tune about matrimony. Because Miles knows, better than anyone, that all it takes is a little Sanctuary Island magic to turn romantic cynics into true believers.

Release Date: February 2, 2016
The Billionaire Bachelors #4
St. Martin’s Press
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Liza’s Review:

Story #1 Originally published as The Fireside Inn

I've loved the Sanctuary Island series since reading the very first novella.

I loved Leo, Zane and Cooper from the moment we met them. I was super excited to get Leo's story first, as I knew there was something behind his concern of picking out the perfect passage to read at Miles' wedding. I knew he had met his match as soon as he walked into the library and meet Serena. The attraction between them was there from the very beginning, yet Serena was hesitant because she had been used by hot men before because of her brain.

Serena and Leo worked as a couple for me. I loved their connection and how protective Serena was of Leo even when he messed up royally. He does know how to prove he is sorry in the most romantic way. The poem from the wedding is so beautiful and I loved how he was speaking to Serena the entire time he was reciting it.

Story #2 Originally published as Bonfire Beach

I'm a huge fan of Lily Everett and want to go visit Sanctuary Island...especially if Zane is there.

I loved Zane and Felicity as a couple. They seem to be so opposite to one another, yet worked so well for me. Zane is pretty free spirited and Felicity is pretty by-the-book, each because of something from their past. The chemistry was amazing between the two of them and I was cheering for them to find a way to get past their differences.

There were a couple of emotional, tissue required scenes for me in this book, as well as many laugh out loud funny scenes. I loved the romance of this book, even when Zane was turning up his nose at the very idea of romance. I love books that pull many emotions from me, and Ms. Everett totally delivered with this book.

Story #3 Originally published as Lantern Lake

I've loved watching each of the billionaire bachelors fall in love. I wondered as I read the first 2, who Cooper might meet on island, and loved that Miles and Greta had Vivian, who happens to be Cooper's one and only love, be in the wedding. While Cooper's idea of revenge seemed harsh, even knowing Vivian had left him with no notice, I loved how quickly it backfired on him.

I loved the connection between Cooper and Vivian from the moment they saw one another again. I knew their history could be a major stumbling block to getting back together. Cooper was still angry at Vivian when they first met again, and she was totally and completely eaten up with guilt. Watching them build a new and stronger relationship was both sweet and painful as Vivian revealed what had gone on while they were apart.

I really loved all 3 of the billionaire bachelors and especially loved watching them fall head over heels in love. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Sanctuary Island very soon.

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