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USA Today bestselling author Megan Crane's smoldering new novel will leave readers ... obsessed.

Tyr, a powerful man in a destroyed world, needs only three things to survive: his weapons, basic resources and a rotation of women to serve his voracious sexual needs. But when a beautiful prisoner grabs his attention during a mission to restock his clan's supplies, Tyr's alpha instincts give way to something much darker--strong, unquenchable lust that cannot be ignored...or denied.

After two years on the run, Helena is snared by this dominant group of men who roam the land unchallenged. Strong to her core and with a mission of her own, Helena knows she doesn't have to be their captive for long. But despite all the terrible things she's heard about these brutal beasts, Helena is overcome by intense desire for the ruthless man who has taken her. As their scorching passion escalates, Helena will have to trust in Tyr in order to save both what's left of this desolate, torn-up world...and herself.

Release Date: January 5, 2016
St. Martin’s Press Swerve
The Edge series book #1
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Nikki’s Review:

I like dystopian stories. I love seeing how people survive and rebuild after something catastrophic has set humanity back. So I was really excited when this book hit my reader. I couldn't wait to dive in and see what kind of world building the author had done. Oy! I quickly lost interest in that aspect. There was an insane amount of description! And don't get me wrong, I like my books to have meat to them. I like background details so I can visualize what's being described. But at times, I felt like I was reading a textbook. My eyes started to glaze over. I kept thinking...get on with it already!

This book takes place in the future but is more like an ancient Viking set up. The world has pretty much come to an end with an event that virtually wiped everyone off the planet and changes the actual geography of Earth. I know that Vikings are known to be brutish and rough around the edges, but these guys surpass that. Tyr is the "hero", if you can call him that. He called the Heroine, Helena an ASSHOLE...three times! Throw in an idiot or two, and I was gobsmacked! I read, a lot! But I've never read a romance where the hero calls the heroine an asshole or idiot. Tyr was never redeemable for me from that point on. I hated him. I was struggling to see why, Helena was all swoony over this jerk. 

If you've read my reviews, you know that I love some smokin' bed yoga! In fact, romance without the steamy stuff isn't palatable to me. But even I have a limit of how much I want to read in one book. It was never ending. If they weren't bumping uglies, they were talking about it, or there was a giant orgy happening in front of them. Again, I like that stuff, but it was just too frequent. How, Helena was able to walk after having her girlie bits pounded (and I do mean pounded) so frequently, is a mystery to me. 

This book had such potential. I wanted to love it. I wanted to be excited about the next book. But the hero was horrible and the never-ending gangbang was enough to make me kiss this series goodbye. 

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