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Sign: Capricorn

He loves power, material success...and sex.

Erica Silver has never done things the "usual" way. A single mom working towards a degree in psychology, she's paying her way as an exotic dancer. No one can tell Erica how to live her life...especially not some handsome, arrogant Greek stranger, who wants to take her son away from his "unfit" mother.

Successful entrepreneur Tito Makris has no choice but to fulfill his best friend's last wish. He must bring his friend's son to Greece to claim a multi-billion euro legacy. Still, taking the boy from his mother-however tarnished she may be-is pretty much the last thing Tito wants. So he offers Erica a radical choice: marry him and stay with her son...or lose the boy-and him-forever.

Release Date: October 5, 2015
Men of the Zodiac Series
Entangled Indulgence
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Nikki’s Review:

Sometimes it's refreshing to read a book that takes me back to those real story driven traditional romances. You know, the ones with that have Fabio on the front? I'm a secret lover of those! Seriously, sometimes the titles are a bit cheesy but I love a lot of the story tropes! The foreign billionaire who is all " you'll marry me because I took your virginity but I don't love you because I'm broken inside " them!!! I was smiling like a fool through this book!

Erica is a single mom who is devoted to her baby boy. She works as a stripper to keep the heat on and food on the table. She's sinking but she's determined to do right by her baby. She thinks her Greek lover has abandoned them. Of course, she has no idea that he actually died. Tito Makris is stepping up to honour his best friend and bring his heir home to Greece. The little boy will one day inherit his late fathers empire. Now he just has to convince Erica to hand her baby off to a bunch of strangers! 

I loved that I hated Tito at first. Weird, right? I love a story that makes the hero have to work hard at redeeming himself. And since Tito was a complete snobby douche, he had some work to do. Somehow with a lot of swift talking and maybe even a few subtle threats, he convinces Erica to marry him and come to Greece with her baby. This is one of the reasons I loved this book. No way in real life would a sane woman fall for all that. Sure, I'll move with my baby to another country so he can inherit an exorbitant amount of money, that I had no idea existed. Sure! I totally got caught up in the fantasy of being whisked off with a rich Greek hottie! 

It was interesting to watch Tito slowly unfold. To start opening up and show Erika that underneath his stubborn exterior is a man who can love; whether he wants to or not. There love wasn't an overnight thing. It took them both by surprise. I was a little disappointed by the lack of heat in this book. There was only two love scenes and they were mild to say the least. I love the hot sweaty stuff in the books I read. But since the story kept me captivated, I was able to overlook it...for the most part. 

I loved this book for the simple fact that it carried me away. I could indulge in a small fantasy. The dialogue was smooth and interesting. I could almost imagine Tito's deep and sexy Greek accent. Yum! I would absolutely read another book by Rachel Lyndhurst. She's a new to me author and I was happy to spend an afternoon being swept away by her writing.

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