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Kendall Shaw loves her job as a boudoir photographer. When she enlists hot, gorgeous, 100% alpha male, Jase Burns for a custom photo shoot for a romance novel cover, she quickly discovers that he only took the job to get close to her. But her painful divorce has made her wary of men, and especially one who is eight years younger than she is. 

The moment Jase sets his sights on beautiful, sexy Kendall, he wants her. Despite their mutual attraction, she's rejected his every advance. But Jase loves a good challenge, and one steamy, seductive night at The Players Club changes everything between them. 

Kendall has never experienced such overwhelming passion, or been pursued so tenaciously. Jase is addicting, in every way, and she soon finds herself falling for a man who doesn't fit into her ideal future. 

Can Jase convince Kendall to let go of her past and take a risk on a second chance at love—with him?

Release Date: October 20, 2015
The Players Club #3
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Once again there is an author that writes a book that both Nikki and I had to read and review. OMG we are both such huge fans of Erika Wilde and neither of us could wait to read the newest book in The Players Club series. 

Liza’s Review:

I'm a huge fan of Erika Wilde and have fallen in love with each and every couple in her Players Club series. Kendall Shaw and Jase Burns were no different.

I absolutely loved Playing with Seduction from page one to the very last page. I seriously couldn't put this book down and loved watching both Jase and Kendall fall for one another.

I loved that Kendall is totally attracted to Jase, but doesn't think they could be together because she is older than him. I absolutely love that when she compares herself to a cougar, he says she is more like a puma. They had amazing chemistry from the moment they first see each other, and I loved when Kendall finally took a chance on Jase when she had her night at The Players Club.  OMG such a hot time between them!!! I know my kindle screen was steamed up while reading.

I have to say I totally understood Kendall being concerned with dating a younger man. She is at a place in her life where her business is successful and she is looking towards the future for a husband and children. Hello, biological clocks can make lots of noise when women are ready for babies. I also got Jase not being at that point yet, as he is 7 years younger than her. However, I loved their connection as a couple not only in bed but out of bed as well, so I was cheering for them to both find a happy medium with their relationship long-term. Seriously they are one of the sweetest and hottest couples in the series and I loved every single thing about them both. Noble and Associates must hire the most Alpha guys on the face of the planet to work at their company, and Jase is no exception. He has a dominant streak like each of the men in the series, as well as a super protective instinct. I absolutely loved he had both instincts when it came to do with Kendall.

Playing With Seduction was another winner in The Players Club series. I fall more in love with each book in the series and highly recommend this series to anyone who loves hot, sexy, and emotion filled romances.

Nikki’s Review:

You know when you are unwrapping a gift and you just have this instinct that it's going to fabulous? Well, that was me when I opened this book on my iPad! I knew the writing was going to be brilliant, the characters likeable, some angsty stuff that tugs at your heart, and enough sexy times to satisfy the hedonist in me! But I was blown away! I knew I'd thoroughly enjoy it, I love Erika Wilde's writing but I wasn't prepared to love this book this much! 

Jase and Kendall have this explosive chemistry. Seriously, it burns out of freakin' control! He wants her something fierce. But Kendall is weary, and rightfully so. Her ex husband cheated on her with a much younger woman, and got said younger woman pregnant. She isn't prepared to let an 8 year younger, Jase get under her skin. Well, that was what she kept telling herself. I love how Jase pursued her. No holds barred, went after her like his life depended on it. Yes, he was a little devious in his initial plan of attack, luring her to The Players Club, but the results were delicious! I was happy when Kendall decided to let him catch her. She had to guard her heart, but I like how she didn't play any games. Sometimes I find myself getting frustrated when there's too much of a chase. I don't think giving in too easily is necessarily the answer, but Ms. Wilde kept the story moving and didn't dwell on making Jase beg. 

There's all this stuff that has the potential to keep them apart, to keep them from taking their fun and sexy times to the next level. She's ready to settle down and have some babies. He's just getting acclimated in a new career and building his nest egg. Opposite ends of the spectrum really. The thing is, love doesn't give a shit what your plans are! It'll grab you by the throat and make you do things that you didn't think we're possible. There was so much raw emotion in this book. I got a good sense of each of their insecurities and desires. That right there is brilliant story telling! I could hear what was going in their heads without actually having the character say it. The writing is that potent. The moment when they both decide ( or are given a nudge from an unexpected surprise ) to just throw all the logical " reasons " on why they can't be together away, it was like the clouds parted and the lump dislodged from my throat!

I'm not even gonna lie, I wouldn't kick Jase out of bed for eating crackers! Seriously, the man can rock sheets like a fiend. The love scenes were nothing short of drool worthy. Like, I can't wait until my hubby gets home kinda hot! Gah...Jase has a filthy mouth that'll make you sigh and your heart thunder! Phew! So ya, this book has all the good stuff!

Like I said, I knew I'd like this book. Erika Wilde never disappoints, in my opinion. But to say that I adore this book, this series actually, is probably more accurate. There are some fabulous secondary characters that I'd love to see get a book! I'm not ready to let this series go yet! So, Ms. Wilde, that was my not so subtle hint to write more, pretty please!

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