Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Sweeter Than Sin: A Secrets & Shadows Novel

It took years for Adam to stop drowning his regrets in alcohol, and running the local bar doesn’t make it any easier—especially not when everyone he knows gathers there to discuss the shocking allegations that have shattered his hometown. When another murder rocks sleepy Madison to its core, it becomes chillingly clear that even more vicious wounds are waiting to be exposed.

Nothing is sacred anymore, and no one is safe, least of all the mystery woman who shows up in town out of the blue, looking like every fantasy Adam’s ever had. She may have her own dangerous secrets, but she can’t ignore the urgent heat between them any more than he can. As a killer’s quest for vengeance explodes into violence, Adam is tempted to lose himself in the delicious promise of her body—until he realizes he’ll risk anything if she’ll give him her heart…in Sweeter than Sin by Shiloh Walker.

St. Martin's Press
Release Date: September 30, 2014

I absolutely love Shiloh Walker's romantic suspense books. I was lucky enough to get a review copy of Sweeter Than Sin thanks to the publisher through NetGalley. I highly recommend you read Deeper Than Need, book 1 in the series before reading Sweeter Than Sin to help understand the history of the characters and the town.

I really am loving the Secrets & Shadows series. I think I said it when I read the first book, but I really feel the town itself is one of the characters in this series. The history of abuse that has gone on in the town makes these stories somewhat hard to read, but I still can't put the books down once I start reading.

I was so glad Adam got his book right after Noah. I really loved Adam in the first book and wanted to understand him more. While this is Adam's story, it is more Adam and Lana's story since they go hand-in-hand. Both had crushes on one another when they were younger. I loved that 20 years later Adam and Lana's feelings were just as strong as ever for one another. I felt like the struggles both had over the years only made them stronger as a couple. 

Adam and Lana also bring the readers one step closer to finding out the mystery killer and all the secrets from the past. The revelation of one of the characters in the book had been lingering in the back of my mind from the first book, so it didn't come as a complete surprise to me. I have an idea who the killer is, but also know with Ms. Walker's mind I could be completely off.

I'm already counting down until the final book in this series, Darker Than Desire, comes out next year.

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