Monday, October 27, 2014

Oh, Naughty Night!

Hot for the holidays! 

Every Halloween party has its share of eye candy, and journalist Chaz Browning has just spotted a treat he can't resist—a deliciously wicked witch with sparkly red hair and deep, dark eyes that promise all kinds of sexy tricks. She wants no names. No strings. Just a night of lust-filled magic. 

The witch's mask may hide her face, but Lulu Vandenberg knows exactly who Chaz is. They spent most of their childhoods tormenting each other. So the moment Chaz touches her and everything turns to lust, Lulu knows she can never reveal her identity. But desire has a memory of its own, and Chaz has vowed to find his fantasy woman before the holidays end… 

Harlequin Blaze
Digital Release November 1, 2014
Print Release October 21, 2014

I'm a huge fan of Leslie Kelly's books. I was so excited to see she had a holiday story coming out from Harlequin Blaze and was thankful to get a review copy from the publisher. I love holiday stories so much. With Oh, Naughty Night! readers get to have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one book. 

I absolutely loved Lulu and Chaz's story! I'm a big fan of reunion/friends to lovers story, and Ms. Kelly did it perfectly with Oh, Naughty Night!. Lulu and Chaz grew up next door to one another and while they were never really friends, they were always thrown together as their parents are best friends. Lulu recognizes Chaz as soon as she sees him and rightfully assumes he knows who she is as well. Even as I knew it would come back to bite her, I loved that Lulu wanted to keep her identity a secret from Chaz once she realized he had no idea who she was. 

The chemistry between Lulu and Chaz is smoking hot from the moment they see each other at the Halloween party. Even with the half-truths between them at the beginning, and Lulu continuing to hide who she was, I wanted Chaz and Lulu to work as a couple. Their history of picking on each other as kids just showed me they had each always had feelings for one another. I totally got Chaz being angry when he found out the truth, and have to say the confrontation is one of my favorite and hottest scenes in the book. 

I loved that because of their family history Lulu was especially concerned about how the families would take them being together, especially if they didn't work as a couple. If fit so well with her character and showed while she was really strong, she still could be very vulnerable about those people who are most important in her life.

Oh, Naughty Night! is a fast-pace super fun and sexy read. I highly recommend this story to anyone looking for a sexy holiday romance and feel that Ms. Kelly's fans will be super excited with her newest book.

Originally posted at Romance at Random on October 16, 2014.

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