Sunday, October 19, 2014

Billionaires in Love

I loved both stories in the Billionaires in Love collection. I'm a huge fan of reunion stories and both Midnight Angel and The Playboy's Second Chance were done perfectly.

Midnight Angel

Dylan and Holly were high school sweethearts and even 10 years later they both still have feelings for one another. I loved that Dylan realized how important Holly was to him even after so many years, and that he still loved her all these years later. The chemistry between Dylan and Holly was pretty hot and I absolutely loved them as a couple.

The Playboy's Second Chance (formally released as Kismet)

We first met Lissa when she was working at Cuppa Café and was extremely rude to Faith Harrington. She was recently divorced and selling coffee part-time and writing obits for the Serendipity Gazette and waiting for her big break. Luckily, Lissa and Faith found some common grounds and when Faith was ready to tell her story, she gave the exclusive to Lissa, who is now working for The News Journal. Her first major interview was with Trevor Dane…none other than her high school sweetheart, and her one true love.

Trevor hasn’t seen Lissa since he found out she was pregnant with Brad Banks’ child and marrying him. Even though his family still lives in Serendipity, he hasn’t allowed anyone to tell him what is going on with Lissa since he left ten years ago. He finally agrees to give her the interview, and then discovers what Lissa’s marriage has really been like. The attraction is still as strong as it was 10 years ago, and neither can resist the other. Lissa and Trevor are so hot together, but Trevor has to decide if he can accept Lissa’s daughter, who is also Brad’s daughter. Trevor and Lissa are so great together, and it was fun to watch the high school sweethearts fall in love all over again.