Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Dare to Submit (Dare to Love #4)

Decklan Dare knows about the unexpected loss of loved ones and for this reason, he values control in all areas of his life. Amanda Collins enjoys the freedom she finds in casual encounters without the emotional connection a relationship brings. They meet and their physical attraction is mutual but both experience feelings that could run deeper – if they drop their guard and let each other in. Decklan is first to trust, but when he discovers the secret Amanda’s been hiding, will he forgive? Or will he rebuild every wall before she has a chance to explain?

Release Date 9/8/14
CP Publishing
Dare to Love Book 4

I openly admit to being a huge fan of Carly Phillips. I've read and loved her books for years, and I love the direction she has taken since going indie last year. Dare to Submit is absolutely one of the best books I've read all year.

I loved Decklan Dare when we met him in Dare to Surrender and was so excited he was the next member of the Dare clan to get his story. I knew it would take a special woman to make Decklan ever think about being in a relationship. Decklan has needed to be in control every since his parents died in a car wreck. Amanda Collins likes the ability of giving up control that being a submissive gives her. Decklan and Amanda are both attracted to one another from the first time they see each other in the BDSM club, yet neither wants a relationship so neither approached the other initially.

Neither Decklan nor Amanda is prepared for the connection they have to one another. While they start out as a one-night stand, neither one can stop thinking of the other. They both seem to know what the other needs and are more than willing to be there for each other. I loved how incredible the chemistry was between Decklan and Amanda. There are some BDSM elements, and the sex is steamy. I loved watching Decklan and Amanda fall for one another, as neither ever expected to find someone to love. 

Dare to Submit is the hottest book from Carly Phillips to date. I feel like the romance was just as strong as ever. Decklan and Amanda are one of my favorite couples from Carly Phillips. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a strong contemporary romance. While there are some BDSM elements in this book, I feel like they add to the story and help the readers understand the main characters better.  


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