Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Holiday Warrior Cover Reveal

For four years Justin Wilson and Cassi Olivier have been dancing around their attraction to each other. Neither one willing to budge on what they want from the other. When an undercover assignment goes horribly wrong for Cassi, Justin is sent in to rescue her.
Justin dedicated himself to fighting terrorism in the desert for years and now those same terrorist have tortured and almost killed the woman he loves.  Cassi never needed to depend on a man for anything, but now she needs Justin as he keeps her demons at bay after her rescue.
Adjusting to their new reality, Justin and Cassi realize that the future they’d planned on is forever changed and together they have to build a new one.
Coming soon from Desert Breeze Publishing.
Heather Lire
Sharing Happily Ever After One Story at a TIme

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