Monday, June 09, 2014

Second Chance Hearts Cover Reveal

Second Chance Hearts, Book 4 in the Holiday Vermont Series is coming soon from Heather Lire. I love this series so much and can't wait to read this book!


He picked up the note while the others got their food. He knew it was a generic note, but it still mattered. He quickly folded it and put in his pocket.
In minutes he was at the table eating what had to be the best chili he'd ever eaten. And the homemade tortillas tasted like Ryan and Ethan's moms, something none of his sisters had been able to accomplish.
"Whoever made dinner is a freaking goddess. And I know it wasn't my wife." Ryan looked up from his bowl, and glared at the men, "And if anyone of you tells her I said that, I promise retribution."
Colin and Ethan nodded their agreement.
"It was Jess."
The fact that she could cook and like a five star chef had blown him away. When they'd been together before she'd been the queen of take-out. He wasn't going to complain about her new cooking abilities, however. He could make seven things, and he rotated those weekly. Not that Kayle complained, as they were her seven favorite dishes. Probably because that was all he could cook.
"Case if you don't marry this woman and keep her in the kitchen you are one stupid fu…drucker."
They all smirked knowing what he'd been about to say. The amount of money Ethan, Colin and Justin had put in Jayne's F word jar since its inception could solve the country's hunger problem.
Case looked at Colin. "I dare you to say that in front of Brynn."
Colin took a swig of the beer he'd pulled from the fridge, "Do I look like I want my favorite body part cut off and served to me on a platter tattooed on my forehead."
They laughed, because while they might joke about wanting their women to be always be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, none of them would trade the women they had. All three of them were strong, independent women. That two of them were his sisters filled him with pride. Audrey had quickly become as close to him as his sisters and he counted her as family.
But Jess, he had no brotherly thoughts about her. No, his thoughts ranged anywhere from rough and dirty, to sensual. The things he wanted to do to her and with her would probably make her blush.
The sex they'd had, while it had been good had very definitely fallen into what he'd learned was called vanilla sex.
He didn't want vanilla sex with her.
He wanted the kind of sex he'd come to crave from her and only her. That didn't mean he wanted the kind of sex Justin had either.
They cleaned up their mess and went looking for the women. The sound of soft voices drew them to the family room.
The conversation, however, had them all stopping and staring at one another.
"That didn't really happen?"
"I swear to God it did. She came into the book club sat down and told us all if we thought Fifty Shades of Grey was erotic she was Princess Diana. She then gave us all the title of a book to read and told us we'd talk about it the next month."
"What did you guys do?"
Audrey's low chuckle had them all looking at Ethan. He was leaning against the wall, his fists clenched, and a look of "Please God, don't say anything" more on his face.
"Bien, I read the book then I bookmarked the passages I liked and sent them to Ethan with a note saying he should talk to Justin about how to do them."
"I did the same thing to Colin."
"Me too, with Ryan."
Case looked at the three men, all of them wore the same expression, one he'd seen on the men in the club Justin dragged him to.
One he really didn't want to see on the faces of his sisters' husbands, but he was also man enough to be glad his sisters were happy in every aspect of their marriages.
"Did you guys like it?"
The excitement and curiosity in Jess's voice was going to kill him.
"There is nothing wrong with a strong women, in complete control of her life handing over the reins in the bedroom to a man who knows what he's doing. And does it well."
Ryan pinched the bridge of his nose at Morgan's answer to Jess's question.
"But what about…"
"What about what?"
The silence was charged with anticipation.
"I don't know…I guess I have this idea in my head about what sex is supposed to be and not be."
"Please don't say anything, please don't say anything." The whispered plea from Colin fell on deaf ears.
"Sex is what you make of it. It's all about your mindset."
"Oh, thank you." Colin whispered.
A sentiment Case wholeheartedly agreed with.
"Do you know what the biggest sex organ in the body is?"
"The penis?"
Case bit his tongue so he wouldn't laugh at her answer.
"You'd think that right? But no. The brain is the biggest sex organ in the body. If you tell your brain you don't like to give blow jobs because that's where a man goes to the bathroom, you will never enjoy it."
Case resisted the temptation to plug his ears so he couldn't hear his sisters talk about giving blow jobs.
"But if you tell yourself that oral sex is the best thing next to salted caramel and milk chocolate combined, you will find that giving a blow job is one of your favorite parts of sex."
"So why do so many people think that erotic romance is bad?"
"Because the type of sex they have in those books goes against what they believe sex should be. And a lot of erotic romance books talk about BDSM sex, which makes a lot of people uncomfortable."
"But you guys like it? To read I mean."
"I do. And Colin likes it when I read them as well."
"Ouais for me and Ethan as well."
"I love it. This semester I'm teaching a class called love, lust, and passion in literature. We're examining sex in literature from Plato, Homer and Lesbo to modern times."
 "So um…"
Three pairs of eyes were on him. And he was now the one praying that the question wasn't asked.
"With Case being as close as he is to Justin, does he…does he like the same things."
"I think that's a question you need to ask him. But know this, sex isn't casual for Case. It never has been. He likes to think we don't know that about him, but he's a part of us, like we're a part of him. And none of us have ever gone for casual sex."
"But he told me…"

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