Saturday, October 06, 2012

Blind Destiny Teaser Post

Due out 10/16/12

Blind Destiny
*Grimm’s Circle*, Book 7

Myrsina knows the stories. As one of the oldest of the Grimm, she had a
hand in writing most of them, but only she knows the dark origin of the
Seven Bloody Sisters. It springs from the place of her birth—and her death.
A place of pain and misery to which she plans to never return. Unless

When Luc appears on her doorstep, her heart twists with suppressed longing
for the man who can never be hers. The only man who can make her do the
impossible—go home.

Luc may be blind, but through their unique, bittersweet connection, even he
can see that the task laid before them is ripping Sina’s soul apart. This
time it isn’t as simple as fighting a demon that has escaped from the

Sina must go back in time—to that cursed ground—and right a wrong that she
unknowingly brought about. To write a new ending to a story that may give
them both a chance at happily ever after. Assuming they survive.

An excerpt can be found at Shiloh’s website.

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