Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Blood Moon

Blood Moon is the 1st book in The Moonstruck series, a new trilogy of novellas from Silver James. From the author’s website.~

Army Major Hannah Jackson knows where the skeletons are hidden at the Pentagon and now she’s been tasked with keeping the secrets of Army Special Sci Ops Unit 69—the Wolves—and their secret is a doozy. That a civilian corporation wants to exploit the Wolves is a matter of pressing concern.

Sergeant Major Ian McIntire doesn’t trust Hannah as far as he can throw her—and that’s quite a ways considering he’s an alpha werewolf. The woman is a pain in his butt and with the Blood Moon coming, the unit needs to complete their mission and get home before tempers flare. While she might know most of their secrets, the one she doesn’t know about the moonstruck Wolf might just get them all killed.

When a covert operation goes wrong, Mac must trust Hannah to save his men—and his heart. Secrets, lies, and betrayals are more personal under the full moon, but when a Wolf loves a woman, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Warning: Pursue an alpha Wolf at your own risk. Hot sex, bad words, and action of the blood and guts kind will ensue.

I’ve been a fan of Silver’s since I read her very first book Faeire Fire. I’m also lucky enough to be able to claim Silver as a friend, so I was super excited when she told me she had plans to self-pub her next series of books. I was given an early copy of Blood Moon to read, and bought a copy for my kindle as soon as it was available.

I was a fan of Hannah’s from the very beginning. I also really loved Mac and his friends. Mac is ready to get rid of Hannah from pretty much the moment she shows up, but she does earn his respect by taking everything he throws at her and not giving up. Mac and Hannah are both such strong characters, although I don’t think Hannah realized in the beginning how strong she really was. Mac is a total Alpha, both as a man and a wolf. He knows he is becoming moonstruck by Hannah and knows she is his mate and that if they make love now, she will become pregnant. Even knowing they are in the middle of a major op, he can’t resist the pull to Hannah. The chemistry between them is sizzling, and the fact their first time together was in a cave took nothing from the heat factor.

Mac and Hannah are a great couple. Not that everything is easy for them. Mac is worried about Hannah being near the op, Hannah is freaking out about the mating, and nothing can be settled until the op is finished.
Blood Moon was an action-packed, fun and sexy read. It is currently available for purchase from Amazon and is even on sale for $.99 for the first week. After that, it will be back to the regular price of $1.99. The next two books  in the Moonstruck Trilogy are currently set for release in June and July. I highly recommend reading this series to all who love sexy Alpha men.


Twimom227 said...

Oh, sounds sexy and fun! Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of this author.

Liza Brown said...

Jen, I love Silver's voice! She is self-pubbing this series and so worth the price. :)