Sunday, February 26, 2012

NutriSystem and 5K Training

I joined NutriSystem last week to try and get my health back on track. I'd tried Weight Watchers for the last couple of months, but wasn't really sticking to it, so I knew I needed to do something big to get back to it. With NutriSystem, I get a protein drink, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert from their plan. I add fruits, nuts, and veggies to meals and snacks so I end up eating 6 times a day. I also am making myself drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and trying to limit my diet soft drink intake to only one per day. In week one, I lost 3 pounds. I'm very happy with my progress, and plan on sticking to the plan. My goal is to lose 60 pounds total.

My 5K training is going pretty good. I'm walking for my training right now. I plan on getting back to my jogging/walking intervals once I lose another 17 pounds. Right now my joints can't take the pounding of jogging at my current weight. I know that walking is movement, and all movement is good. Ready to get back to that next level so I can jog/walk again. I know once I can jog again, along with the reduced calorie intake, I will get my weight down a bit faster.

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