Sunday, January 29, 2012

Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel

Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel is the debut release from Samantha Grace. I was lucky enough to get an early copy thanks to NetGalley. From the author’s website.~


Debonair bachelor Lord Andrew Forest lives for pleasure and offers no apologies. But he receives a dose of his own medicine when his family's entrancing house guest beds him, then disappears without so much as a by-your-leave. He'd like to teach the little vixen a thing or two about how to love and man...if he can find her..


After the dashing man of her dreams is revealed as a lying scoundrel, heiress Lana Hilary is ready to seek a match with a respectable gentleman-if only they weren't so dreadfully boring. Unable to rein in her bold nature for long, Lana flirts with trouble and finds herself entangled with exactly the type of man she's vowed to avoid.

I’m a huge fan of romances set in Regency England and really loved the main characters in Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel. Lana is such a strong woman, but she has ideas about how she wants to live her life that don’t fit with her time. She doesn’t care anything about finding a husband. In fact she prefers to be a matchmaker for other couples. Of course, then she meets Lord Andrew Forest and finds herself attracted to him, even though he is a known scoundrel. Drew has never found himself so attracted to a woman that he couldn’t forget her, until he meets Lana.

Both Lana and Drew are both such fun and strong characters. I enjoyed getting to know their families as well. Of course, we can’t just get out happily ever after with no conflict, and the addition of another suitor, who Lana’s mother approves of, and a former lover of Drew’s help to keep things interesting. Drew and Lana fall in love with one another quickly, yet Drew doesn’t seem to be able to say anything right when telling Lana about his feelings. The chemistry between them is sweet, playful, and hot at any given moment and neither seems to have the strength to keep away from the other.

I was pulled into Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel from the very beginning of the story. I really loved Samantha Grace’s voice in telling this story and can’t wait to read more books from her in the future. According to Amazon, the release date is set for February 7, 2012 and I suggest buying a copy to anyone who enjoys romance set in Regency England.

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