Sunday, December 11, 2011

Simply Irresistible

Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis is the 1st book in her new Lucky Harbor series. From the back cover.~

Maddie Moore's whole life needs a makeover.

In one fell swoop, Maddie loses her boyfriend (her decision) and her job (so not her decision). But rather than drowning her sorrows in bags of potato chips, Maddie leaves L.A. to claim the inheritance left by her free-spirited mother-a ramshackle inn nestled in the little coastal town of Lucky Harbor, Washington.

Starting over won't be easy. Yet Maddie sees the potential for a new home and a new career-if only she can convince her two half-sisters to join her in the adventure. But convincing Tara and Chloe will be difficult because the inn needs a big makeover too. 

The contractor Maddie hires is a tall, dark-haired hottie whose eyes-and mouth-are making it hard for her to remember that she's sworn off men. Even harder will be Maddie's struggles to overcome the past, though she's about to discover that there's no better place to call home than Lucky Harbor.

I’m a huge fan of Jill Shalvis. I visit her blog every single day and buy her books the day they come out. In fact, many times I buy both the print and digital copies of Jill’s books. I really loved Simply Irresistible and think it was a great start for the new series.

Maddie, Tara, and Chloe are so different from one another, it was so much fun watching them learn to be sisters. Since the 3 sisters all have different fathers and weren’t raised together, it takes longer than Maddie really wants for them to start acting like a family. I’m the middle child, so I totally got Maddie’s tendencies to be the peacemaker (although I have an older sister and younger brother, so a little different) of the group. Maddie is also known as “the mouse” of the 3 sisters.  However, something about Lucky Harbor makes her strong.

Part of her strength comes from being with her sisters and part comes from within her. However, meeting Jax Cullen seems to help her become stronger. Maddie is attracted to Jax from the moment she sees him. However, she has sworn off all men because of the last guy she dated. Jax wants Maddie from their very first meeting and soon recognizes Maddie has suffered in the past and starts off slow with her. As long as slow is bone-melting kisses that make Maddie forget her name.

The chemistry between Jax and Maddie is off the charts. It’s almost like no one else is in the room when they are together. Even with all the work Jax and Maddie need to do to the inn to help get it up and running, neither seems to be able to keep their hands off the other. I loved watching Maddie fall for Jax. Jax was pretty open about his feelings from the first. I really think Maddie needed to feel like she had a family and home before she was secure enough in herself to admit her feelings for Jax.

I also loved the chemistry between the sisters. They really are pretty much strangers when they all show up at the inn. However, as they fight, share meals, work on the inn, and even all share one bed, they go from strangers to sisters. They are sisters, so there will always be fights, but the fights become more picking on each other as only siblings can do.

I really loved Simply Irresistible and have already read and loved The Sweetest Thing, which is the 2nd book in the Lucky Harbor series (blog post to come very soon). Up next for me is Head Over Heels, which is the 3rd book in the series. Jill announced on her blog recently that we will get 3 more Lucky Harbor books in 2012 and I can’t wait to read each of them.

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