Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blogging and Internet Hiatus

I really haven't had much time to blog on my blog or my friend's blogs this week. Until tonight, I've only been on the internet during working hours and even then, mostly work related stuff. I've been able to catch up on some of my missed sleep from being at my sister's house for 4 nights by falling asleep before 8 the past two nights. Even managed to make 2 rum cakes for gifts before crashing each night. But, I've missed reading every one's blogs and talking to everyone. Hope to find time tomorrow to catch up on all my blogging after I finish all my errands. Tomorrow I'll go babysit for a bit in the morning, finish up my dad's Christmas shopping(no one would get gifts if I didn't shop for him), clean my house and finish up my laundry...what a great way to spend a vacation day.

On a very exciting note, my friend Rebecca is getting great reports from the doctors. She was able to be taken off all oxygen yesterday and had maintained excellent oxygen saturation levels. Her kidneys continue to improve and function better with each day. Thanks to everyone who has kept Rebecca in your prayers. I'm praying she will be home in time to spend Christmas with her 3 little boys next week.

I'm hoping to get my post up about Jennifer Lyon's Blood Magic tomorrow once my cleaning is finished. I can tell you now that I loved Blood Magic and have already started reading her next book, Soul Magic.


Wendy said...

I think this time of year is crazy for just about everybody.

I'm so glad to hear your friend is doing better! Good news all the way around.

Glad to hear you liked the Jennifer Lyon book. She's a local author here in my neck of the woods.

Alannah Lynne said...

Hey Liza!

I'm so glad to hear your friend is doing better. I honestly believe prayers and positive energy makes a difference in healing and recovery. With all that we've gone through over the past 2 years, I've seen it work time and time again!

I'll keep her in my prayers and, like you, hope she gets to go home for Christmas. What a great Christmas present to all of them.

btw..if you get a chance to stop by my blog, I'm continuing the 12 Days of Christmas even through the holidays. Today's guy is super delicious and might be the boost you're looking for. LOL

If not, remember to scroll down through them whenever you do get the chance to drop back by.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Christmas!!!


Alannah Lynne said...

Umm...that should have been..."even through the weekends." Duh!