Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Silent Night

One Silent Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon is another book in her Dark-Hunter series. From the back cover.~

Stryker has sent word and is gathering his forces.

While the world carries on unawares, Stryker, who leads an army of demons and vampires, is plotting an all-out onslaught against his enemies-which, unfortunately for us, includes the entire human race.

To avenge his sister, Stryker prepares to annihilate the Dark-Hunters. But things go awry when his oldest enemy returns. Enter his ex-wife Zephyra. Just when he thought nothing could stop him, he’s now embroiled in a century-old war with a shrew who gives new meaning to pain.

New battle lines are being drawn as the Dark-Hunters rally for a final showdown on One Silent Night.

I was so excited to finally get to read Stryker’s book. He is one of my favorite bad boys from this series and I can’t believe I waited this long to finally read his book. One Silent Night is filled with action and romance. Stryker has only loved one woman in his lifetime, his ex-wife Zephyra. However, his father made him give her up and she has never forgiven him. Stryker has also decided it is time to get rid of two of his biggest enemies, Acheron and Nick.

Sherrilyn Kenyon gives the readers another winner with One Silent Night. The romance between Stryker and Zephyra is so sweet, yet very passionate. We finally see how Stryker became the man he is and how the love of one woman, and a daughter he never knew he had, can really change him. Of course, Stryker being Stryker, he will never totally change, but that is one of the reasons I love him. He makes no excuses for who he is.

I also have finished Dream Warrior and hope to post about it in the next couple of days. I can say that I really liked it.


Love Stories said...

yeah! really like sherrilyn kenyon.

Liza said...

I love her books and all of them are on my keeper shelf.