Monday, July 27, 2009

Fatally Flaky

Fatally Flaky is the latest book in the Goldy Schultz series by Diane Mott Davidson. From the inside cover.~

Cynics say getting married is a death wish…

It’s been a long, rainy summer for Goldy Schultz, who is engaged in planning wedding receptions for what seems to be all of Aspen Meadows. It’s bad enough that Billie Attenborough, the bride from hell, has changed her menu six times and the event date twice. Now she wants to move the location to the Gold Gulch Spa just a scant two days before tying the knot to her doctor fiancé.

Then Doc Finn, beloved local physician and the best friend to Goldy’s godfather, Jack, is killed when his car tumbles into a ravine. At least that’s what appears to have happened. But Jack thinks Doc was murdered because of the research he was doing at the spa-allegations that are confirmed when Jack himself is attacked.

So Goldy dons chef’s whites and goes undercover at the spa, where coffee is outlawed in favor of calming smoothies, and the fruit cocktail doesn’t include fresh fruit. Add in the obstreperous owner, who years ago tried to sabotage Goldy’s fledgling business, and she’s got her hands full.

Above all, there seems to be a clever killer on the spa grounds, watching her every move. After what befell Jack, Goldy knows that she might be next. Catering weddings, and cooking low-fat food, could be killing her-literally.

I have always enjoyed the Goldy Schultz books and Fatally Flaky was another winner for me. I was able to figure out the bad guy before the end of the book, but there were a few twist and turns to throw me off initially. Overall, Fatally Flaky was a fun and entertaining mystery that I would recommend to anyone who likes to read light mysteries.

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