Friday, June 26, 2009

Dead End Dating: A Novel of Vampire Love

Dead End Dating: A Novel of Vampire Love is by Kimberly Raye and the first in her Vampire Love series. From the back cover.~


A vivacious vampire with a flair for accessorizing, Lil Marchette is unlike most of her kind. She prefers lively shades of pink to dismal black (so not her color), plus she’s a hopeless romantic. In need of a steady paycheck to support a compulsive cosmetics habit, Lil starts Dead End Dating (DED), a Manhattan-based matchmaking service that helps smart, sophisticated singles like herself find eternity mates–and may even help her stake a claim to her very own Count Right!

When Lil meets geeky vampire Francis Deville, she knows he’s the perfect first client. If she can hook up Francis–after a little revamping, of course–she will prove her skills to the vampire community and turn DED into the hottest dating service in the Big Apple. But just as her business takes off, Lil meets the (literally) drop-dead gorgeous bounty hunter Ty Bonner, who is hot on the chase of a serial killer. Instantly drawn to the luscious vamp stud, Lil really wants a taste. But as a made vampire, Ty can’t procreate–and Lil will settle for nothing less. Luckily, between “vampifying” Francis and helping Ty solve his murder mystery, Lil has no time for silly romantic entanglements . . . even if Ty is all that and a Bloody Mary chaser!

Dead End Dating was a light-hearted vampire story with elements of mystery and romance. Lil wants to make it on her own without taking a job at her father’s business. She needs her new business, Dead End Dating to work, or she will be forced to work in the family business.  While Lil is trying to match up both vampires and humans, she meets Ty Bonner, who is searching for a serial killer. The serial killer has used dating services in the past to find the victims, so Ty thinks the killer might use Lil’s service. Lil is instantly attracted to Ty, but there is just one little problem; she is a born vampire and he is a made vampire, and born vampires do not mate with made vampires.

I enjoyed Dead End Dating and will look for more books in the series in the future. There was really great chemistry between Lil and Ty and I would love to see where their relationship goes as the series progresses. 

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