Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vamps and the City

Vamps and the City is the second book in the Love at Stake series by Kerrelyn Sparks. From the back cover.~

Who says a vamp can't have it all?

Darcy Newhart thought it was a stroke of genius-the first-ever reality TV show where mortals vie with vampires for the title of The Sexiest Man on Earth. As the show's director, Darcy's career would be on track again. And she can finally have a life apart from the vampire harem. Okay, so she's still technically dead, but two out of three's not bad. Now she just has to make sure that a mortal doesn't win. If only she wasn't so distracted by a super-sexy and live contestant named Austin...

But Darcy doesn't know the worst of it. Austin Erickson is actually a vampire slayer! And he's got his eye on the show's leggy blond director. Only problem is, he's never wanted any woman-living or dead-as badly. But if he wins her heart, will he lose his soul? And if it means an eternity of hot, passionate loving with Darcy, does that really matter anyway?

Vamps and the City was a fun and sexy paranormal romance. Darcy Newhart is a vampire who was only turned to save her life. She dreams of once again being on a beach for vacation and truly misses everything about being human. Austin Erickson work for the Stake-Out team to rid the world of vampires. Unknown to Austin, he beings to fall for Darcy before he finds out who and what she really is. He has always believed that all vampires hunted mortals for blood, and must learn to reconcile himself to the fact that there are two types of vampires, those that eat only synthetic blood from bottles and those that prey on humans.

Darcy and Austin are attracted to one another from the first time they see each other. Darcy is also responsible for finding a new master for the vampire harem, where she has mixed in humans with vampires to vie for The Sexiest Man on Earth. While fighting her attraction to Austin, she must also keep the contest going and push the women from the harem towards a vampire contestant. Austin finally figures out that Darcy is in fact a vampire and must decide if he can live with her lifestyle or if he will send in the Stake-Out team after both Darcy and all of her friends.

Kerrelyn Sparks gives the reader a wonderfully fun story filled with romance, humor, and a bit of intrigue. I really love the characters in the Love at Stake series and enjoy seeing many of the same characters as the series progresses. Vamps and the City was such a fun read, that I had to start reading Be Still My Vampire Heart, which is the third book in the series, right away.

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