Friday, May 29, 2009

Book Reviews to come this weekend

So my life has been crazy busy, but fun lately, so I'm really behind on posting the last three books I've read. My oldest niece graduated from high school last week and then we went to Chicago for several days for her graduation trip. We had an amazing time just walking around and shopping and even got a chance to meet up with Stacy on Saturday and talked about books(thanks for the new authors to add to my reading list), shopped a little bit, and walked all over Chicago. Amanda and I got a chance to visit The Harry Potter Exhibition on Friday and saw Mary Poppins on Sunday, both of which were wonderful and we would both go see again given the chance. I'm going to a wine tasting with friends on Saturday, but promise to post reviews for all 3 books before Monday.

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Stacy~ said...

I so want to go see the Harry Potter exhibit now because of you guys. I'm glad you guys had fun. It was so great meeting you :)