Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Early Spring in Tennessee

So my reading has really slacked off over the last couple of weeks. Seems like Mother Nature really can't decide what she wants to weather to do right now. Over the last week or so we have had several days in the 70's mixed in with a few days of constant rain in the 50's. While I'm loving our early taste of spring in Tennessee, it is keeping me from reading as much. Thanks to an extended visit from my brother, I'm hitting the gym in the mornings and walking in the wonderful spring-like weather after work. Great for my exercise program, but not so good for my reading goals for the year. So right now I'm going to enjoy my early spring gift for as long as it last and read as much as possible after I come back into the house at night. Of course, we will still get at least one or two days of cold weather before spring sticks around, but that is what spring-time in Tennessee means.

Hope everyone else is having wonderful spring-like weather right now too!


Playground Monitor said...

Your weather sounds like ours here in north Alabama. Folks always say if you don't like the weather here you need only hang around for a couple days because it will change. I'm very ready for spring, but I agree with you that Mother Nature will rear her head again before she lets spring take hold completely.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

We're always up and down in Texas weather-wise, but I too am loving the early spring!

(I'm behind on my reading too!)