Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reaction Time

Reaction Time is the first book by debut author Alannah Lynne. Reaction Time is in ebook format and can be purchased directly from the publisher Samhain Publishing(

Nikki Kincaid is a race car driver in a job that is mostly dominated my men. Adam "Tight Ass" Guthrie, is an off-duty detective and friend of her brother, Nate. Adam is with Nikki at her latest race due to multiply threatening letters suggesting she would be better off if she no longer raced. Nikki and Adam have been attracted to each other from the time they first met, but Nikki doesn't want anyone to control her and she can tell that Adam would need to have control. Her theory is confirmed when Adam admits he is a sexual Dominant. Adam must convince Nikki the only place he wants control is in the bedroom, all while protecting her from whoever wishes her harm. Nikki and Adam's chemistry leaps off the screen(ebook format only for now) and the passion between them explodes. This was my first book with BDSM, and I was glad that Adam explained to Nikki how their relationship would work in detail.

I really enjoyed Reaction Time and look forward to many more books my Alannah Lynne in the future.

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Alannah Lynne said...

Hey Liza!! Thanks so much for a great review and I'm glad you enjoyed Reaction Time!!

Happy New Year!!!