Saturday, November 01, 2008

Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm is the first in the Corwin Men series by Carly Phillips. From the back cover - Long ago, as revenge on a Corwin who stole her son's fiancee, a witch proclaimed an eternal curse that every Corwin male who married for love would be destined to lose his woman and his fortune...

Derek thought he could outsmart the long-standing Corwin curse by breaking up with Gabrielle, his first love, and marrying someone else. Now, divorced, and broke, all he has left is his teenage daughter and a healthy respect for ancient sorcery. But then Gabrielle returns, determined to defeat the curse and rekindle their passion. But will her stubborn streak and her unwavering love be the lucky charm Derek so desperately needs?

Gabrielle has come home to write a book that would prove the Corwin curse is a hoax. Derek, who has his daughter Holly for the summer, plans to avoid Gabrielle on her trip home. When Gabrielle and Derek see each other for the first time, the passion they share is still evident. Derek still thinks he can keep his distance from Gabrielle, until he finds out she is in danger. His feelings, even those he won't admit, make him want to protect Gabrielle from any danger.

Phillips writes another winner with Lucky Charm. The romance and passion between Derek and Gabrielle jumps off the page. Phillips adds a bit mystery and comedy to write a wonderful book that makes the reader want the next book in the series immediately.

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