Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hot As Hell

Hot As Hell by HelenKay Dimon is a fast-paced fun read filled with romance, passion, and mystery. From the back cover - Lexy Stuart is nobody's fool...not since she wised up to the fact that her fiance, Noah Paxton, wasn't just sporting the hardest bod this side of the Ironman competition. No, he was also harboring enough secrets to make a CIA operative blush. Little things he never thought worth mentioning like, oh, a previous marriage. So Lexy gave back the ring-with extreme prejudice-and made sandy tracks straight to a remote desert spa. Problem is, with a man like Noah, a girl can run, but she can't hide. Nor does she particularly want to...

Alexa Annabeth Stuart. The stuffy name couldn't be less suitable for a woman as fiery and free as Noah's Lexy. And Lexy is his-always will be-the tricky part will be getting her to realize it. Of course, Noah's always up for a challenge. Which is a good thing since between the crazy heat at this god-forsaken "retreat" and the looks Lexy's shooting him (not the mention the shock waves he's getting form her hot-pink bikini), winning his ex back could be one dangerous mission. But if Noah doesn't survive it, well, he intends to die a very satisfied man...

Lexy and Noah have amazing chemistry that leaps off the pages. Noah is willing to do anything to get Lexy back, even reveal details from his past he doesn't like to talk about. As Noah is working on winning Lexy back, when a murder occurs on the retreat property in Lexy's hotel room. Lexy and Noah must then team up to figure out why someone was murdered and more importantly, why that person was killed in Lexy's room.

Dimon writes a winner with Hot As Hell. The connection between Lexy and Noah is so real, whether they are fighting, making love, or working to solve a murder. Both are strong characters and keep the reader wanting more.

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