Thursday, September 04, 2008

Private Demon

Private Demon by Lynn Viehl is the second in the Darkyn novels. Jema Shaw is and antiquities expert who moonlights as a police forensic consultant to escape her over-protective mother and her own mysterious illness. Thierry Durand who is still recovering from the torment to his body by the Darkyn enemy and his wife's betrayal finds himself drawn to Jema from the first moment he sees her. Thierry slips into Jema's dreams each night to fulfill all of her deepest, darkest desires. Jema begins to enjoy her time in her dreams more than reality.

Michael Cyprien and his mate Alexandra have come to Chicago looking for Thierry. Alexandra is still trying to figure out a cure for the Darkyn. From all the blood test she has run, it seems that the Darkyn have become vampires due to an infection in their blood. Unknown to Thierry, his visits to Jema have put her in the sites of both the Darkyn and their enemies the Brethren. Jema and Thierry's future comes to a head when they attend a party at Jema's neighbor's home, who just happens to be a member of the Darkyn. Jema's mysterious illness is discovered as well as the reason her mother was so over-protective her entire life. As the Brethren attack the Darkyn, Jema finds out where her future lies.

Private Demon has romance, adventure, and lots of action to keep the reader rushing to see what happens next. I enjoyed Private Demon, and look forward to reading more Darkyn novels.

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