Sunday, September 21, 2008

Now You Die

Now You Die is the final book in Roxanne St. Claire's first Bullet Catcher trilogy. Lucy Sharpe runs the Bullet Catcher organization. Jack Culver is the former Bullet Catcher who brought a case to Bullet Catcher that involves the false conviction of Eileen Stafford on a murder she never committed. Jack has figured out who was involved with the conviction, but needs the help of the Bullet Catcher resources to take down such a high powered person.

Of course, the history between Lucy and Jack is not only a business relationship, but as former lovers, they have a much more personal history. The attraction between Lucy and Jack has never gone away. Jack has always had feelings for Lucy, but Lucy has never wanted to let her attraction to Jack develop into anything more. Jack and Lucy must work together to find out the truth about Eileen's life and keep everyone attached to the past safe. All the while, Lucy and Jack move closer and closer to their true feelings for one another.

Now You Die has all the action, adventure, and romance I've come to expect from St. Claire, as well as the added surprise to keep the reader begging for more.


Playground Monitor said...

Glad to see another Roxanne St. Claire fan. She was the featured speaker at my RWA chapter's Romance Readers' Lunch and was a fabulous speaker. I've read every book she's written. No, I take that back. I have devoured every book and can't wait for the next Bullet Catcher book in 2009.


Liza said...

2009 seems so long away when waiting for another Bullet Catcher.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I love the title progression of this series. Very cool.