Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Night Lost

Night Lost by Lynn Viehl is a Darkyn novel. Gabriel Seran has fallen into the hands of the Brethren, who continue to torture him to try and find out more information about his fellow Kyn. The members of the Darkyn have been given proof that Gabriel has been killed, when he actually has been blinded, nailed to a cross, and sealed in a chapel cellar.

Nicola "Nick" Jefferson has been traveling across Europe, looting churches of their precious artwork and fencing the items to make her living. At each location, she liberates the captive vampires, hoping someone can lead her to the Golden Madonna. The Golden Madonna was stolen from her family over 10 years ago, and it's recovery seems to be her current purpose in life.

Gabriel and Nick have met before in each other's dreams. Nick finds Gabriel in the sealed chapel cellar and frees him and then proceeds to keep them both alive. Gabriel knows that they must get to the High Lord to be safe. Nick and Gabriel have been attracted to one another since they met in their dreams. Once they are together in real life, neither can fight their attraction.

The battle continues once they arrive at the compound of the High Lord. Gabriel and Nick arrive just as Michael Cyprien comes to the compound to free Alexandra. Alexandra has found a way to heal the High Lord, especially once she figures out who has been trying to make sure he dies.

Viehl writes another winner with Night Lost. There are only a few Darkyn novels left, and I can't wait to read each.

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