Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Evermore by Lynn Viehl is another book in her Darkyn series. Evermore is the story of Jayr who serves Byrne, who is her Darkyn master. Jayr has been in love with Byrne for years, but the only time they are close is at full moon when they renew their oath of loyalty by sharing each other's blood. Unknown to Jary, Byrne has decided to leave the Kyn and retreat to a life of isolation. The purpose of the tournament he is hosting is to find a new master for Jayr. Byrne has been hiding his feelings for Jayr for years and can no longer control what he feels is the monster inside him. Jayr is the only person on earth who can call Byrne back when he feels that he is losing control.

Viehl gives the readers another winner with Evermore. With much mystery, romance, and more on-going stories about Michael and Alexandra, Evermore keeps the reader wanting more stories of the Darkyn.

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