Monday, September 08, 2008

Dark Need

Dark Need by Lynn Viehl is the next in the Darkyn novels. Dark Need centers on Lucan, who has always been in direct competition with Michael Cyprien. Lucan's world begins to change the first time police detective Samantha Brown walks into his bar. Lucan has been connected to 2 homicides that Samantha and her partner Harry are investigating. Each of the victims had been in Lucan's bar the day they were killed. Samantha is drawn to Lucan for reasons she can't understand. When Samantha's partner Harry is murdered, it is Lucan who comes and takes care of her the first night.

Samantha sees more to Lucan that what he portrays to the Kyn. Samantha knows that her love for Lucan can help them stay together. Lucan decides the best way to protect Samantha is to lock her up and tell her he doesn't love her. Lucan and Samantha go through so much to find happiness together. Viehl writes another winner with Dark Need. The Darkyn novels have a little bit of everything to keep the readers coming back for more.

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