Thursday, July 31, 2008

Midnight Encounters

Midnight Encounters by Elle Kennedy is the very hot story of Maggie Reilly and actor Ben Barrett. Maggie is a hard working woman working her way through college as a waitress. She has met up with the same guy, Tony, 2-3 times a year for one hot night of wild sex. Maggie has gotten the call that Tony is in town and goes to meet him when she gets off work. She mistakenly shows up in Ben Barrett's room and things only heat up from that point.

Ben is fascinated by Maggie, because she has no idea that he is a famous actor. Maggie is just frustrated that once Ben is around, he won't leave. He distracts her from her school work, her volunteer work, and her actual job. Ben is hiding out from the press because he is the focus of a scandal.

Ben and Maggie both struggle with the attraction and the feelings they have for each other. Maggie has never been in a relationship in her entire life. She was abandoned as a child by her mother and doesn't really trust easily. Ben doesn't want the press to learn the real reason behind the scandal because he is trying to protect his mother.

Kennedy writes and amazing story that keeps the reader glued to the computer, as Midnight Encounters is currently only available in e-format. This is my first every book by Elle Kennedy, but definitely won't be my last!

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