Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Hell-Raiser

The Hell-Raiser by Rhonda Nelson is the next in her sexy series Men Out of Uniform. Sarah Jane Walker was ready to kiss her inheritance goodbye once her greedy stepmother, Chastity, hired security expert Mick Chivers, aka the Hell-Raiser. Mick is sexy and posing as a photographer for an architecture magazine. Sarah Jane knows that Chastity has destroyed the copy of her father's will that was at the house, but still continues to try and get the attorney to turn over his copy. Sarah Jane soon discovers that the attorney is sleeping with Chastity, so she has to figure out another way to get a copy of the will. Mick's firm was hired by Chastity to catch Sarah Jane in the act of breaking into the house and look for the will.

Sarah Jane is instantly attracted to Mick when he shows up on her job site to photograph her for the magazine. Mick has to fight his attraction for Sarah Jane, since he is the person he is investigating. Sarah Jane finally finds out that Mick is working for the enemy and takes measures to get back at him. Once he explains that he doesn't believe anything Chastity has said, Sarah Jane and Mick finally give in to their attraction and passion for each other. Mick, who left the Rangers after a big mistake, still doesn't feel as if he is ready to move on with his life. He pushes Sarah Jane away just when he should be admitting how he feels about her.

Nelson writes another hot, sexy, romantic read with The Hell-Raiser. I hope we have another Men out of Uniform book soon.

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