Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Flashpoint by Jill Shalvis is a page turner from the start. Zach Thomas risk his life battling fires every day. Brooke O'Brian is an EMT to temporarily joins the close-nit crew. Zack and Brooke are immediately attracted to each other, but Brooke will be leaving soon, so she doesn't want to be attracted to Zach. Brooke finally approaches Zach to have one night together to get their attraction out of their system.

As Brooke and Zach finally give into their attraction, the fires around town continue to heat up. Each of the fires seems to be suspicious to Zach and he continues to claim arson in the cause of the fires. The main fire investigator, Tommy, tells Zach to stay out of it, but Zach continues to investigate on his own and angers the arsonist.

Brooke and Zach continue to heat up the pages even as the fires heat up the town. Brooke must decide if she wants to stay in town and fight for Zach, and Zach must decide if he wants to finally admit that he needs someone. Shalvis writes another winner with Flashpoint.

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