Monday, July 21, 2008


Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer is the third book in the Twilight series. I loved Eclipse every bit as much as I love Twilight and New Moon. Bella, Edward, and Jacob keep you turning the pages to find out what will happen next. Meyer writes an amazing tale that has me chomping at the bit for the final book in the series. Bella as always is in danger and Edward must keep her safe. Jacob, who has always been in love with Bella loves to stir things up and keep Edward on edge.

Bella keeps trying to get Edward to turn her into a vampire, but he will only do so after they are married. Of course, during all their conversations, they know that someone is in the area looking for Bella, so Edward decides it is time to team up with Jacob and his pack to keep Bella safe. The Cullens, Jacob and his pack form a plan to take out whoever is out there after Bella. The battle is brutal and there are injuries among the good guys. Bella also finally chooses between her love for Edward and her newly discovered love for Jacob. I've always been in the Edward camp, so I love that she has decided to marry Edward with all the bells and whistles that Alice can create.

I was finally able to get back to reading yesterday. My nieces had been in for a visit for 9 days and I only was able to read about 30 pages. I read almost non-stop(I did have to work today) and now am counting the days until Breaking Dawn hits the bookstores.


Vicki said...

I haven't read it yet and now I'm dying to. Yay!!

I love your blog and the reviews you do.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Eclipse was soooo emotionally wrenching for me--I was constantly on the edge of my seat. I have a feeling Breaking Dawn will be the same.