Monday, June 16, 2008

Wild & Hexy

Wild & Hexy by Vicki Lewis Thompson is the second in the Big Knob series. Wild & Hexy is the story of Jeremy Dunstan and Annie Winston. Jeremy has lived in Big Knob, Indiana almost his whole life and has secretly lusted after Annie since they were teenagers. Annie is back in Big Knob for her younger sister's wedding and is the former Dairy Queen of Big Knob, but no longer feels like one since she is 20 pounds heavier than in high school. Jeremy needs some help to get Annie to look at him, so Dorcas and Ambrose Lowell, the local matchmaking witches, decide to make it their mission to get Jeremy and Annie together.

On Jeremy & Annie's first date, the lake monster, Dee-Dee appears on Dorcas's command to give Annie, who is a reporter, something to write about. Jeremy doesn't believe there is anything in the lake, but is willing to look into anything to spend time with Annie. The chemistry between Annie and Jeremy is fabulous. Both have very real feelings for the other that come out even more when they are together. Of course, Annie has no plans to ever stay in Big Knob and Jeremy would be totally miserable anywhere else. Both must decide if their feelings for each other are more important than where each wants to live. Vicki Lewis Thompson writes another winner with Wild & Hexy and keeps the reader wanting more. Casual Hex is the next in the Big Knob series and we only have to wait until February 2009.

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