Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wild For Him

Wild for Him by Janelle Denison is the first book in a new "Wild series", that focuses on Joel Wilde's Marine friends. First up is Ben Cabrera, who is hired to keep Christine "Christy" Delacroix safe during her father's run for mayor of Chicago, as threatening letters have been delivered to her father. Ben and Christy are from two different worlds, but they have been attracted to each other from the moment they set eyes on each other. Ben is willing to keep the business only relationship, but Christy is determined to take their relationship to the next level.

The chemistry between Ben and Christy burns up the pages and keep the reader begging for more. With a bit of a mystery, as to who is trying to hurt Christy, Denison writes another winner with Wild for Him. I'm not sure when the next "Wild" book comes out, but I can promise I'll be at the bookstore that day.

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