Sunday, May 11, 2008

Under the Rose

Under the Rose is the second in An Ivy League Novel series by Diana Peterfreund. Under the Rose focuses on the secret society, Rose & Grave. In the first book in the series, the Order of Rose & Grave society began accepting women into the group. The Rose & Grave has many ups and downs in Under the Rose. Someone is revealing secret information to the public about the society. Amy Haskel is one of the Diggirls, or the first group of women initiated. She and her other Diggirls and few of the knights must figure out who is trying to ruin their society. Because the secret information is only listed in the R&G archives, everyone knows that it is someone on the inside. Not only does Amy have to solve the mystery, she is also having a "relationship" with one of the brothers, Puck (George Harrison Prescott). Puck is know for being a player and he and Amy have been fighting their attraction for months. Amy must resolve her feeling for George and find a way to keep her society as the influential group it has always been.

Under the Rose is an action packed book full of romance and mystery. Peterfreund keeps the reader captivated from the very first page.

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