Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Slow Hands

Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly is a hot, sexy read from page one. Maddy Turner goes to a bachelor charity auction to stop her stepmother from bidding on a European gigolo. Jake Wallace is bachelor number 19, who Maddy bids on and wins. Jake has no idea that Maddy believes he is a gigolo and Maddy has no idea that Jake is really a paramedic. Maddy has always had to protect herself because of her family's money. She has never known if men were attracted to her for her or for her money. Jake wants Maddy from the minute he sees her across the room at the auction. He fights his attraction to show Maddy that he can be a gentleman. One of the hottest scenes I've ever read occurs on Maddy and Jake's first date. He tells her exactly what he wants to do to her, while sitting in a public bar following a Cubs game. The passion between Jake and Maddy jumps off the pages from their first meeting and continues throughout the entire book. Maddy and Jake learn the truth about each other as they find true love along the way.

Slow Hands is a Blaze book in The Wrong Bed miniseries and Leslie Kelly just keeps you wanting more! Luckily for the readers, Kelly's next book, Heated Rush, comes out next month from Blaze.

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