Monday, May 26, 2008

Nobody Does It Better

Nobody Does It Better by Jennifer LaBrecque is an awesome read. Schoolteacher Holly Smith is traveling to Venice to find her mother, who left her family when she was very young. She has hired someone to show her the sites, since she could get lost going from room to the next. Gage Carswell ends up being her tour guide, although Holly has no idea that he is actually an undercover spy.

Gage believes Holly is an international spy who he must keep under surveillance 24/7. While both are attracted to each other from the start, Gage only acts on his attraction after Holly has an emotional upheaval. The passion between Holly and Gage jumps off the pages. I can only say one of the most sexy scenes I've ever read happens on the gondola ride, following every man's dream at the dinner table. LaBrecque writes another winner with Nobody Does It Better.

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