Friday, May 16, 2008

4th of July

4th of July by James Patterson is the next in the Women's Murder Club series. Lindsey, Claire and Cindy are still dealing with the loss of a dear friend and meet for dinner at their favorite handout. Lindsey must not only search for a killer in the latest installment, she is on trial for her career. Lindsey is put on leave, so she heads to her her sister Cat's house to stay away from the media until the trial starts. While on her "vacation", Lindsey stumbles into an area with murders taking place that have all the markings of being related to an unsolved homicide from 10 years ago that Lindsey has never been able to solve.

Patterson writes another nail-bitter with 4th of July. The Women's Murder Club is one of the best mystery series I've ever read. You have lots of action, a little romance, and wonderful friendship between strong women. Patterson also makes it difficult for the reader to figure out some of the killers. I usually pretty good about figuring out the bad guy, but I will admit that one of the people was a major surprise to me.

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